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O-Town Gang

The O-Town gang was introduced to me by Elizabeth. It is comprised of Eli, Sabrina, Amy (Pervy), and Carissa. They came to visit Elizabeth, and Kari and I ended up getting to spend some time with them too. How did I know I would find some great friends over just one weekend? Wait...didn't that happen in March? =)

This is the group at my FAVORITE restaurant in Tallahassee...also known as MAUI TACO. I LOVE IT...unfortunately this semester it has yet to open. Not quite sure what is going on. I think I may cry...

Elizabeth ate it getting out of Kari's car. Quite humorous if you ask me!

Elizabeth and friends

Carissa, Eli, and I pretending to be enthralled with Star Trek. Didn't get the reaction from Sabrina that we wanted...oh well

Trying on women's clothing at Walmart is fun! Rollin' back prices...

Dear Lord who would ever give Amy a gun??? What is the world coming to?! LOL

Another picture of Sabrina and Eli.

This is probably my favorite picture of all. We are pretty funny in my opinion. =)