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Nole Days

Fun filled days at Florida State with my friends never seem to end. Whether we are playing pool, watching movies, or spending countless hours online we have a blast together!

Here's the gang at TGI Fridays for Jason's birthday. Jason, Jessie, Kari, James, Elizabeth, Erin, Erin and I had a great time...even shared a communal sunday! MMMMmmm...

James Erin and Elizabeth at TGI Fridays

This is a picture of us before we went to see A Walk to Remember. GREAT MOVIE! SSSSSShhhhhh...EAT ME! lol

Kari and I have been friends since that fateful day in kindergarten when I met her and her best friend Donna. We've gone to school together since we were 5 years old. Almost 14 years later, we are still together at FSU. I'm so happy to have her here w/ me. Dan & Don forever!

Erin and I became friends this summer while she was at FSU. (Thanks to Aaron) She no longer suffers thru Chem with me. (I do all by myself.) We laugh at the dumbest stuff...yes we are weird. I know. You don't have to tell us twice! Just kidding, Erin. You know I love you. =)

Jason and I had a great first semester at FSU together. Although I don't get to see him in Sociology anymore, we do communicate online and during an occassional walk in the rain. =) Look for fun pics of Jason on the Web Cam page.

Here is a picture of Elizabeth and I. She's a new face on the Nole Days page. She and I have become very good friends the past few months. Sadly she will be leaving me to attend UCF next fall. =( Eli, you goonie!

James Ross attends UNF, but graces us with his presence every few weeks. It is always an adventure in his truck (which he has yet to name). He's currently dating my best friend. Good for them.

Melissa and Erin are my suitemate and roommate (respectively). =) Here they are getting ready to go out with some "hot guys" from Phi Delt. They look very nice, don't you think? (You haven't seen them in the morning...) LOL jk

Here is our lovely capital building. It is appropriately refered to as "Askew's Erection". Umm...yeah...did you know "phallic" is spelled with a "PH"??

Oh the fun you can have in Walmart!

Follow the gourd! No follow the shoe! It's a sandal not a shoe. Or should I just worship Jason's behind? Hmm...I think I'll follow the gourd! ;)

Here are Melissa and Shelly (my suitemates) looking quite...well...scary according to Shelly. As soon as I get more pictures of the two of can see what they REALLY look like...scarier! JK =)

On September 3rd, Kari, Jason and I went to the mall. It was fun for the first hour and a half...but then I got tired. They kept me there for 3 HOURS. I can only imagine what kind of task that was for them. Anyways, when they finally took me home...I walked into a decorated dorm room and Shelly, Erin and Erin yelling "SURPRISE!!!" It was so awesome. They had streamers, a happy birthday banner, and a cookie cake. It was a blast. So if any of them are looking at this...THANK YOU SO MUCH! It made my first birthday away from home very special. I love you guys!

Here's another one w/ Shelly, my suitmate, and Erin my roommate.