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Kim's Birthday Trip to Univeral

The first weekend of my spring break was spent with my cool cousin Kim. The girl turned 19 that Saturday and to celebrate we went to Islands of Adventure and Universal.

Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

Kim and her boyfriend Andre. It was very entertaining watching them have handstand competitions in the middle of the street! LOL

Incase you wondered...Kim and I were thinking of you during our funfilled day. =)

Trying to take pictures will pulling Gs on a rollercoaster doesn't work very well...but here was my valient attempt. Kim seems to be enjoying herself on the Hulk. =)

Kim and Andre on ET. ET phone hooooooooooooooome. Stupid Erin wouldn't let me have the bike w/ the basket on the front. =(

I know it's very dark...but you should be able to make out the heads of Kim (niiiiice...), Andre, Brittany, and Erin. We had a lot of fun listen to Lynnard Skynnard and watching not so young ladies shake it. LOL

Kim and I at Universal's Mardi Gras. I didn't get very many beads...this jerk of a lady next to me jacked most of them. But it's all good...there was a stuffed gator in the parade. STUFFED GATOR is always good. =)