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Florida Student Leadership Forum 2002

The Florida Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values are three of my most favorite days of the year. If you recall that is where I met two of my best friends last year, and many other great new friends. I had the opportunity this year to go again, and to bring with me other friends. I must say that Brevard was well represented at the forum. Tim (who I unfortunately do not have a picture of at the moment) is THE MAN. He is what makes this thing run. Thanks Tim! I hope you enjoy learning about my experience as much as I did doing it.

The Forum was created by Bill and Grace Nelson. Incase you didn't know, Bill serves as a senator in DC for the state of Florida. Grace is THE WOMAN. She is so awesome. They along with Tim make this week possible. I am so grateful for what they do for all of us student leaders. And by the way...they are from Melbourne! "The Melbourne Connection" =)

At the forum, you are put into small group with faciliatators. My small group leaders were Kelly and Brian. They did an excellent job stimulating discussion and thought within our group. My group was comprised of: (top row) Beth, Pablo, Kelly, Brian, Bryan, Rose, Julieo (bottom row)Me, Nic, and Nicole. We had a great time. I must say that Julieo was the most entertaining of the group. I hope one day he'll let me take him to Disney world! =)

Brooke was my small group leader last year. She's so adorable! I love her to death. I have been fortunate enough to keep in touch with her over the past year. She is one of the most kind and caring people that I have ever had the opportunity to become friends with. Brooke-you're the best!

Erin and I are in the Florida Supreme Court. You probably saw it on TV when all of that election crap was going on. =) I'm in the Chief Justice's seat and Erin is sitting in Justice Major Harding's chair. He spoke to us on Thursday night.

Lisa was the lone representative from MCC like I was last year. I didn't even know she was going to be there! Go Hustlers! =)

This is a picture of Kari and I at the State Prayer Breakfast where we heard from and prayed with the Governor Jeb Bush, Lt. Gov. Frank Brogan and many other political leaders including the elusive Doug Coe. I was so glad that she was able to share this experience with me. Hopefully next year she'll come up from UCF to go again!

Look out Florida! My small group has taken over the House of Representatives. Be careful with that gavel Julieo!

Adam, Kari, and I in the House chambers. Adam is such a great guy. He was Rebecca's small group leader last year. It's nice to walk around campus and be able to see people like him and know that you will always get a wave or a hello.

Amy is another Brevardian. I nominated her last year after the forum and I was so excited to see that she jumped at the opportunity to come. She had a great time and I hope she goes again next year.

At the forum you can always count on staying up late. Although this time I didn't stay up as late as last year, we still had a fun time. Here's a bunch of us in Tommy's room. Cara, Kari, Erin, Lisa, and I were all from the Space Coast. It was funny (well to me anyway) because Cara and Lauren both played soccer for Rockledge and Lisa and I played for MCC. All of us sported our team sweatshirts at some point. =)

On Friday morning, we bagged up and distributed a semi full of vegetables. This is made possible by the Farm Share Organization. Many families were given several days worth of much needed food. This is always my favorite part of the week. This year I even carried bags for a cute little old lady that I helped last year!

Melissa and I helped push all the empty boxes and crates to the back of the semi. To think that that huge truck was full of food only a few hours earlier just amazes me.

Pablo and Nic are from FAU. They are both very involved with SGA at their school and are well on their way to be successful politicians. Elizabeth, Kari, Erin and I hung out with them on Friday night. Pablo taught a few card tricks while Elizabeth aced his political geography questions.

Grace, Linda, and DeeDee sang kareoke. It was great! They even got dollar bills for tips!

Kelly, Brooke, and two other girls sang "I Will Survive". Reminded me of the beginning of Coyote Ugly. They did an excellent job.