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My Feelings on Friends

I'm going to use this page just to express my feelings. Enjoy!

4/30/02-12:28 am
Well here I am again. It's not as late as the last time I wrote. This is actually pretty early to be home. Anyways, I just felt like saying that all you FSU people...I miss you so much already! I had so much fun this year and I always seem to realize it more when I'm home. Now I'm home for 4 months. That is a long time...but I will be home with my best friends some of whom I've been away from for 8 months...ok so I'm not counting Christmas and such, but I don't have to. This is MY webpage full of thoughts. LOL...anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you (you-being all of my friends near or far). Hopefully more sooner than later. =) I miss SubCity. It was like eating out every day! Now I have to fix my own darn sandwich. What a pain...hehe anyways take care. CALL ME! 4/24/02-2:55 am
Well here I am. Sitting here at 3 in the morning thinking about the time at hand. Tomorrow I will be going home. My first year of college behind me. Time has flown by. Never again will I sleep in 404 Gilchrist sharing silly times with Erin. Never again will Kari and Elizabeth join me for lunch at SubCity. Never again will I have to answer "I'm a freshman" when a senior asks me what year I am. Never again will Elizabeth have to put up with her messy roommates. Never again will Kari have a disco night in her dorm with Donna, Laura and Christian. Things are changing. Roommate Erin and Girl Erin are switching roles. I'll be living in a dorm named after my distant relative...Bert Reynolds. No more work out buddies. No more David Spade or Good Eye Candy. But my head is up, looking forward for what the future holds. What new friends I will make in the fall? What fun will I have when I reunite with friends who have chosen a different path? What does the summer have instore? How many times will Rebecca and I get mad at each other? LOL the answer to that last one hopefully will be very low. =) Have a great summer everyone. So long Tallahassee. Thanks for an awesome year!

Well I was downloading some Ed Cash songs, and I found a song that perfectly describes my feelings about my friends.

A Friend is Like a Flower

When you come together with a group of people
That you've never seen before
There lies the subtle fear that you might have to open the door
To an opportunity of letting someone get to know you
To an opportunity of letting someone try to show you


A friend is like a flower
They bloom out over time
The rain makes them grow with every shower
And the sunlight makes them shine

People come and people go to places far away
But the people that I like the most
Are the ones who know how to stay
There may be two thousand miles
Between our living space
But there's twice that many smiles for them
On my heart felt face


I'm not good with good-byes
Or feeling wetness in my eyes
But I believe that when we leave
We'll all be in the sky
There's a home for each of us
Where our life begins
When we arrive completely alive
And realize everyone can win