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Mi Familia

I had to add a section with pictures of my family. I was feeling guilty. =) So here it is!

Here is a picture of my parents and myself. Although I may not check in every day, I do miss them very much. I am happy to hear that the world still does turn without me around. =)

Here are my grandparents with their two loving grandchildren. I miss them very much too. My suitemate Melissa loves my gramma's sugar cookies. Yum. =) Oh dear brother, Sean is in the picture too. Hehe =)

This is a picture of the whole gang in an ice tunnel INSIDE A MOUNTAIN. It was the coolest thing ever. I'm so grateful to my parents for taking me on such an awesome vacation! I LOVE YOU!!!

Here is my cousin Kim, her 3 bridesmaids, and her fiance Kyle. How sweet. =)

This is a picture of my bro and uncle Rudy. Sean ate a mammoth meatloaf thing w/ onion rings on it. Where he put it after it went in his mouth I don't have a clue!

Here is a picture of my mom and I on one of San Fransisco's famous trolley cars. We've had 2 great trips to Cali, I can't wait to go again! =) (HINT HINT)