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On April 18, 2002 Kari, Erin, Elizabeth and I went to see a hot new band called Big Sky. We got there very early as to be sure that we got in. Well we were the only ones there (for the concert that is) for about 2 hours. LOL...anyways, while we waited we got to meet some of the band!

Chris (lead guitar) and Mark (front man) were both very cool and took a picture with us...even though I made a fool out of myself when I asked Chris to take the picture for us. "That's so f***ed up!" is what he said after that terrible insult. Thank you Allison for the dumbass comment of the evening. =)

Bassist Ashton was also very nice and took a picture with us. Elizabeth and Kari are going to fight to the death over him.

But I really think Elizabeth won his heart because he was flirting with her the whole freaking time. I was sure to give her a nice jab in the ribs whenever he winked at her, touched her head, etc.

Chris rocking out with the drummer Gerry.

This guy was "mine" according to Elizabeth. He was the goofy one that ran around the stage and played a bunch of different instruments. Thanks E.

You sing it baby!

All of us and Dave.

Old Crow rocks my world! LOL...this is another Dave. He plays the organ. Yes it's a keyboard organ. He and Big Sky's lawyer were the opening act...Old Crow. LOL

Check out their official site!!! Click here!