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My Best Friend-Rebecca

This section of the site is devoted to my best friend, Rebecca. She is a kick-ass dancer at the University of Arizona. Well I figured out approximately how many miles there are between Tallahassee and Tuscon...we're looking at about 1800 miles kids. Anyways, so since she is unable to be on the "Nole Days", being that it is reserved for time spent at FSU (1800 miles from Tuscon), here she is in all her glory on this section of my page. =)

This is the first picture taken of me and my best friend together. There was one previous picture of us with Grace Nelson, but I'm not counting that one. =) We met at the Florida Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values. It was an amazing weekend where I met 2 of the closest friends I have: Rebecca and Aaron.

Here is a picture of the 3 amigos at Disney. We had an absolute blast during our day at the Magic Kingdom. Have you seen Walt's Winkey? I have!

Here is a picture of Rebecca and I at Nick's house. This was the night before she left for practically the whole summer to dance her butt off in Philly.

This is the group at Rebecca's graduation party. It sucks to have two of your good friends in 2 different states. Thank God for AIM and cell phones. =)

Here is Rebecca and her roommate, Jocelyn. What a crazy pair...apparently they seem to behave themselves...most of the time. =)

This is my best friend and I during Thanksgiving. I had a great visit with her that week. It was so great to finally be in the same state with her again!

Here we are at our favorite restaurant...MAKOTOS!!! Seafood sauce...mmmmmmmmm...

James and Rebecca

Trips to Makotos are sometimes a family affair...the "motherships" and my grandma join the fun.

Rebecca with the bear Erin and I sent her in her lovely care package over the summer. Rebecca set up her web cam. There is nothing that girl can't do! =)

Here is a picture of Rebecca and a couple friends with her "God Dog". LOL

This is what I got in the mail from Rebecca on what would've been Valentine's Day if the post office would've been open. =) She is so awesome! I LOVE YOU!!!

Note: There are lots of pictures of Rebecca on the Christmas Break 2001 page. She's in all but 2