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One Awesome Weekend

The weekend of November 17th I will never forget. Although the Noles lost to those stinky Gators, we had the time of our lives. My buddy Aaron came down to see us w/ his friend Stephanie. Brandon also came in from UF. It was a blast!

Starting off the day, Aaron, Brandon, and I hung out in my room. It is quite a nice room in my opinion. =) This was only the beginning of a fun-filled day for all.

The kids from Brevard had a blast that Saturday. Here we are about to ride some awesome go karts. YEEHAW!

Bumper boats are a blast! We got so soaked...some more than others. I think Britt and her friend Lauren got it the worst though. LOL...sorry Britt. =)

This is one of my favorite pictures. Aaron, Brandon, Steph, Kari, Elizabeth, and myself are all in Erin's room hanging out during the FSU/UF game. It was so much fun! may not have been fun for everyone all the time. Here I am with my head stuck in the blowup chair in Erin's room. They are so mean to me sometimes...ok who am I kidding? I was the center of attention for a good half hour. =) Erin and Aaron proceeded to style my hair for me. Five pounds of hair spray goes a long way!

I'm surprised Brandon's head did not stick to mine considering how much "Extra Stong Hold" hairspray was on it! It's a very cute picture though...don't you think?

Erin, Britt, and Britt's sister occupied the top bunk during the game.

Another cute picture of the Gator boy and myself. I have to admit, he did behave himself considering how the Seminoles did against the "other" team. =)

Ok ok...the backwards hat has to go, I know. =) But what a cool group of people. This is all of us (except for Kari who took the picture) out on landis green. It was quite chilly out...especially when you end up running barefoot away from a crazy maniac who hits really hard when she gets a good swing in.

Here is the group laying on the FSU golf course. We were watching the Lenoid meteor shower. We watched balls of fire shoot across the sky from 2 am to 6 am. It was one of the most amazing sites we've ever experienced in our lives. And to share it with such an awesome group of people only made it that much more special. I will never forget it.

Here are my boys. Aren't they studly? it boys. Yeehaw. =)

Elizabeth, Kari and myself out on Landis. I am so glad they were there to spend such an awesome day with me!