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Second Semester Fun

Well my first semester away at school was an interesting and fun one. Second semester has been awesome as well. I've spent a lot of time with my roommate (Erin yes she does have a name lol), Elizabeth, and Kari. I hope these pictures can convey how much fun we had!

Eli and I in my room before going out to celebrate my roommate's birthday. Cool glasses huh?

A Walk to Remember was one of the cutest movies ever! And I think the group of us made the most out of those 2 hours in that theater. Melissa rounded up the whole room to sing Happy Birthday to Erin. Erin Barker seems more embarassed than the Erin being sung to!

Apparently Erin didn't want her picture being taken by Elizabeth over and over again.

Kari, Elizabeth, Erin and I waiting to eat some yummy chedder bisquits at Red Lobster. I was blamed for not noticing when the pager thingy went off. I assure you it DIDN'T GO OFF! Jerks... I'll see you on the way out!

Shrimp, shrimp and more shrimp. YUM! =)

Elizabeth and I in the car. We arrived alive. =)

Erin and Kari in the car...thank you captain obvious. =)

Hey Aimee! I finally got a pic of you on my website! Aren't you excited? =)

Mike and Carolyn drove 4 hours to spend 2 hours with me in Tallahassee then they left! LOL...they are awesome!

JJ came from Arkansas to visit Kari for her birthday. To make the weekend even better, Sabrina was up from O-town visiting Elizabeth!

OMG Elizabeth! What on earth are you doing? I didn't think you preferred grape ones?!

I've finally found the long lost J Mac! Jenny has been hiding from me for the past 7 months, but I found her. =)