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updated ¬ everyday
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What`s CraCCin`, Blackplanet? This is that ni66a, Nicholai, or to my Cuzzins, Nickel-High. I`m a Clown and Something like a P.I.M.P. I`m getting my school done here in North California. Check my page out and do oneof the following...leave a note, signthe book, or drop dem panties at the door...It`s something for me to know who you are and the police also, so I can tell them who the hell is stalking me...


who the hell are you???

name ¬ nicholai-dominique alexander
age ¬ 21
race ¬ african-american/puerto rican-american
gender ¬ male
location ¬ 415 bay area
sign ¬ libra
status ¬ dating
In Treasure Island Job Corp Center( Yeah, that`s right a Job Corps center, Don`t clown ni66a, I will roast your nasty a?? ) This place is in San Francisco. I`ll be here for a good minute, thanks to Culinary Arts. If you looking to hang out with some cool peeps...Holla at dis Kid...`til then!!!

what the hell do you look like???

what the hell do you really look like???
height ¬ 6`1"
weight ¬ 178
color ¬ medium-light orange
built ¬ muscular
face ¬ full low goatee
hair ¬ afro to cornrows
eyes ¬ black
other ¬ trojan "gold" member

what is love???I`ve justed been burnt by my girl, after about 8-9 years of being together. I knew her sincethe Carebear Days. We got married and then things went down...I miss her, but I can`t change the past just try to make a new future...

I really hate those overused, super recycled, cliche words of wisdom about love that are rampant across the internet. You know what I`m talking about... "One day youwill ask me what`s more important, you or my life. I will say my life andyou will run away not knowing that you are my life" or "If I had the letters HRT, I can add EA to get a HEART or a U andget HURT, but I`d rather choose U and get HURT than have a HEART without U". Give me a break. Please, people ... don`t live your lives according to popular sayings such as "If you love something, set it free". Bu!!sh!t. The things I set free are mostly things I hate. I tend to keep the things I love. For those who say love hurts, it doesn`t. Love does NOT hurt. Love is such a strong, positive emotion. However, it is the falling out of love or not having love that really hurts. And the higher you are in the heights of passion, the harder the fall.

what the hell are you looking for???
intelligence, respect, and sex...these are the favorite attributes of a female that are of the top three that you must have...or in other words know how to fuq my brain, fuq my soul, and plain out fuq me! plus a nice a$$ and eyes don`t hurt...everything else is overrated, so if you like what you see,whoever you are,Holla at dis young`en...

Complaints, Praises, Marriage proposals, or Death threats can be sent this way thru Note orYahoo!
"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness inthinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love."

"Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness,have few desires."

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thanks for coming this far down here, if yadidn`t leave anything special for me, ya gets the middle finger!if ya did, ya get`s another middle, but it`s bigger than a finger :X Holla at dis Young`en

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