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!!!Holla At Me!!!

Full Name: Nicholas Dominique XXXXXX

Age: 27

Height: 6'2"

Gender: Freak (Male) seeking a Woman

Built: Very Athletic Body

Ethnicity: African American (black)

Hair color: Black

Hair style: Short

Facial hair: I'm as smooth as a baby's...

Eye color: Hazel

Eyewear?: I've got 20/20 vision on some days.

Body art: I have 1 piercing and 1 tattoos, but more to follow...Guess what it is and you win a prize :)

Marital Status: Untamed, Wild, and Single

Education: Post-Graduate

Employment: Works full-time, $50,000 to $74,999 income

Profession: Executive Culinary Expert, Administrative District Manager

Political Views: Liberal

Smoking: Doesn't smoke

Drinking: Drinks occasionally

Kids: No kids, wants some later

My favorite item of clothing: Cartier tie, Roca-wear pants, and Prada shoes

A bit about my personal style: Casual and Sharp, Smooth and Flex, A shining star, Pushin the Lex

Looking for... Committed Just Dating Friends Intimate/Physical Freakin'

Interests Dancing Dining Movies Music Outdoor Activities Sports Theater Travel Being a Freak

My current dating situation: I'm single.

My most ideal date: Dinner at some new restaurant, dancing at a night club, coffee and maybe more at your place...

How planned I prefer a date to be: I like to just wing-it.

What activities I enjoy on a date: Going to a movie, Going to a music concert, Walking on the beach

Some of my views on dating etiquette: I always pay, sometimes I want to be the one who gets the flowers and the one who always gives them out. I am always a gentleman in public ( My devilish smile starts to show ) I will open doors, ask politely when needed, and will never disrespect someone for anything...

Some of my expectations on a first date.: I expect a hug, at least, even if the date didn't go as planned...

My favorite kind of television shows: Movie Channels, Sports, Sci-Fi, Sit-coms, MTV or VH1, Talk Shows, Does Pornos Count? What about Wrestling?

My television viewing habits: I have several shows that I'm dedicated to watching each week.

My all time favorite TV show: Top Cat, no one could mess with that pimp in the alley. He had the purple hat that was always tilted to the side, like a true pimp. He hustled the street cop like a little trick. Top Cat is the man!!!

My favorite kind of movies: Comedy, Action, Horror

How often do I go to the movies?: I've seen more movies than all the critics.

My all-time favorite movie: All REAL horror movies, they kick ass, I love to talk about them to, I know alot about them...

My favorite kind of music: Dancehall, Reggae, Pop/Top 40, R&B/Soul, Rap, Hip-hop, Alternative

I like music because: It's my better half.

My favorite singer/band: Everyone that comes on either BET or MTV, with a lot of exceptions...

My first album/CD was: The first album, I bought was Run DMC, the Kings of Rap, My Ex-Girlfriend of years past decided my collection could be used as a Frisbee collection...

My favorite types of books: Horror, Vampires books got me...

When do you I read?: Time? What time?

My favorite author or book: I like Harry Potter, before these little brats knew about it...

Activities I like: Cooking, Traveling, Working out, Video games, Home repair, Gardening, For some reason I think Martha Stewart is becoming a "God"?

How I like to spend my free time indoors: To cook, The Food Network has another sucka to watch, "Quesan" :)...

Sports and activities I'm interested/active in? : Martial Arts, Soccer, Running, Lacrosse, Swimming, Basketball, Wrestling, Rugby, Sexual activities...

A great sporting or outdoor adventure would be...: Playing catch and frisbee toss with my dog...

My personality is: Funny and silly, Intelligent, Realist, Out-spoken

The virtues that mean the most to me: Friendliness, Forgiveness, Self-control, Honesty, Tolerance, Patience, Kindness, Compassion

The animal that best describes my personality: Dog, Bear, Papa Tigger

Important qualities I look for in a mate: Knowing the difference between serious and fun...

A celebrity with a similar sense of humor: Like a younger Fozzy, the Muppet Babies bear...

My dream house: Miami loft with floor to ceiling windows

If I was a car, I would be...: An Aston Martin with vehicle for off-road fun

If I was given a million dollars, I would...: Just $1 million dollars? I can't even buy toliet paper with that money. How about $1 Billion dollars...myah myah myah ;)

If I was granted 3 wishes...: First wish...Ability to manifest any magical power I wanted ( Invisibilty, Invincibility, X-ray eyes...heheheh ) Second wish...To have a dynamic, intelligent, cunning, beyond beautiful to me, loyal, brave, sweet, stylish, open-minded, daring, above sexy, and child-like woman that will love me 'til the last drop. Third wish...No mood swings from her either.

What "power" would I like to have: The ability to talk to animals, The ability to change your shape, The ability to fly, X-ray vision, especially when it comes to clothes, The ability to be invisible, Super-speed

How I would spend my retirement: Finally writing that novel, In a high roller's suite in Las Vegas

How truthful have I been in this profile: Extremely

This is who I am plus more, if you like it, Holla at me, if ya don't, then why the hell are you still reading?

If you wanna chat with me, I am on Aol mostly at night, in a "Member-made Romance chatroom".

Since you came all the way down here, you might as well e-mail me, You know you want to :)

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