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I haven't updated this page in forever and I apologize.

I've made the decision that even though flybanger/jar is no more I'm going to keep this page going b/c there seems to be a lot of people intrested in what the boy's are up to... I want to thank those of you who kept me updated via Email about the guy's whereabouts.

Garth Allen - Lead Vocals
Rob Thiessen - Bass/Vox,
Chris "Weasel" Gorst - Guitars,
Mykill - Guitars
Rob Wade - Drums
Now make up the band Kill Rythem

click here for there myspace page,

or here for there home page.

If you want to find out what Robs been up to check him out on myspace...

Tom is playing with Hedley as far as I know you can check them out at

Jar/Flybanger/Jarr albums and EP's are very hard to come by now a day's. If there are none available in your local music stores your best bet is to look for them at second hand stores. You can try the net here CD Connection ebay the great escape the finest CD's You can find Swagger here FORTITUDE APPAREL

As most everyone knows by now Jar became Flybanger witch became Jarr witch became Settlement witch no longer exists. Everybody got that?

If YOU have any input I'd love to hear it you can Email me at And great big hug's go out to those who have Emailed me with story's and pic's and other thing's of intrest.

If you want to find out more about me you can see my homepage here but I haven't updated it in a very long time as angelfire has decided that I'm not allowed to edit it.

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