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Art and Life in Florida
Interesting Sights, Dubious Insights, and my Blackpages
This backyard is like no other, it's Florida. Florida gives one visual overloads, rare light and primitive, tropical mystery. The adventures had fishing the Gulfcoast, the chance to see a singular moment lit by the Florida sunshine, the freedom to live life a slower, more satisfing way, is great reason to cast an anchor here.

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Lightning illuminated waterspout on Lake Okeechobee

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"Everybody's got a closet full of something."

Words and their ultimate,"coming undoneness."
Don't read this ..You won't turn the page.
If it really made any difference what words meant, then we should be best advised to take some notice, but itís obvious that no matter what is said, or written, words do nothing to transmit truth, rather they camouflage, confuse, hide, mask, and ultimately infect, and corrupt any unique applications that might have at sometime during our evolution been available through them. Words that might have brought us to wakefulness, have delivered us to sleep, while preventing us from knowing that we drowse. Now we no longer remember, or perhaps we fear truth's light, and what it reveals. What is the truth? It is wordless. That much is certain.
Thank you for visiting. This is a not-so-new site in flux. So much of so little is unfinished. Please comment, or curse in the Guest Book, or send a note to a friend to warn them that I'm on the planet if you wish, but by all means, come back again.
C.E.L. 2001-2

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