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Who We Are

Before you become a part of any organization it is important to know its philosophy. 

The method may change, but message does not. You can change a practice and not change the principle. Each week, you may experience something different in our services. You may laugh, or you may cry. You may feel a personal conviction or a renewed commitment. The Holy Spirit will minister to your needs in a variety of ways.

It is important that you understand our simple philosophy - you count at First Assembly! We are here to meet your needs through the power of the Holy Spirit. Please allow us the opportunity to minister to you.

Our Style - Practical Content
We know that every Christian's life has a spiritual side and a practical side. Our walk should not be a doctrinal or behavioral obstacle course. Instead, our faith in Christ should be our lifestyle.

The First Assembly style is very simple. We endeavor to make scripture, Christian life principles, and doctrine as practical as possible. God gave us scripture for daily application. Our objective is to help people develop a mature Christian lifestyle.

Educating people in God's word is very important at First Assembly. Individual involvement in Sunday School is essential to developing a victorious life. Our Wednesday evening service emphasizes practical instruction for purposeful living.

Simply put, your personal development and the application of Christian principles in your life is a pastoral priority.

Bring your Bible, note pad and a pen to our services. Take notes, ask questions, and search the scriptures with us. You'll find the scriptures full of practical, applicable content. We invite you to come and grow with us.

Our Approach - Personal Care
Each individual believer is part of the body of Christ. If we are to live according to Scripture, we must minister to one another. In doing this, we fulfill God's purpose for our lives and strengthen the body of Christ. 

In addition to ministering and caring for one another, it is the church's responsibility to provide other areas of ministry for the individual. These areas are designed to minister to the needs of individuals on a personal level and ultimately benefit the church body.

Check out our link to our ministries provided by First Assembly for more detailed information. As people get involved in these ministries, relationships develop, providing strength and stability for life. You grow stronger when you invest a part of your life in someone else.

Our Distinction - Pentecostal Celebration
The most noticeable distinction of First Assembly is the absolute respect for the Holy Spirit in our services. The Holy Spirit enables people to feel the invisible presence of God and ultimately commit their life to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is the one who deepens each believer's relationship with God by baptizing them in His fullness. The scriptural term for this is "Spirit Filled." The account of this occurrence is in the New Testament book of Acts, chapter 2, verses 1-4.

For a complete view of our doctrine, please see our section "What We Believe".

As you worship at First Assembly, you will notice a heightened sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's presence. Our collective worship and prayer time, special music, and the Pastor's message allow great freedom and expression of the Holy Spirit. Often the atmosphere is charged with a spiritual sensation of excitement, enthusiasm, and energy. At the same time, there is a balance, flow, and maturity that inspires participation in each area of the service.

Our distinction is Pentecostal. Our approach is one of celebration in the presence of God. Our desire is that you feel comfortable with our style and understand the dynamic presence of the Holy Spirit. We encourage you to celebrate the power of Jesus Christ in your life. It is a wonderful feeling to be part of a church that celebrates the presence of God. When in the Greater Little Rock area, we invite you to celebrate with us!

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