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Richard Evonitz

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Richard Evonitz was a perverted serial killer. He abducted 3 girls all under the age of 16. When they were in his possesion he proceded to tie them up, shave their pubic hair, rape them and finally kill them. He would dispose of the bodies in a lake or stream. Evonitz might still be free if it wasn't for a 15-year-old girl. On June 24, 2002 Evonitz was arrested. He had abducted this 15-year-old girl and kept her captive for 18 hours. During this period of time he raped her. Eventually he got sloppy and dozed off, allowing the girl to work herself free and escape. Police responding to her report found the apartment empty but Evonitz was eventually tracked down in Sarasota, Florida, two days later and shot himself in the head before he could be arrested.