Geography & Sports

Spanish hunting allows hunters to experience the natural beauty of the Spanish wilderness, from the central plains and coastal plains rising up from the Mediterranean shores, to the green northern highlands, which timidly upstage the starkly with beautiful Cantabrian and Pyrenean Mountains towering behind them.

The Spanish first division contains 20 teams, although discussions continue to reduce to 18. It went from 18 teams to 20 in 1988, and increased to 22 in 1995 following a major administrative mix-up when two teams were relegated for not presenting financial guarantees on time, and were then reinstated following lengthy appeals. Although reduced two seasons later to 20, small clubs have since resisted any further change as relegation to the second is an economic disaster, although UEFA are threatening to reduce the number of clubs eligible for European competitions if the reduction doesn't take place.

Surfing and Sea Activities

Bullfighting is one of the best known, although at the same time most questionable Spanish popular customs.

Spain is located at the Iberian Península, of which it occupies approximately 80% (the remaining 20% are occupied by Portugal), in the southwest of Europe.

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