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dynasty shar-pei

A little bit about us

Hello, and welcome from sunny Florida to our shar-pei web site,
Dolly and Sophia have been breeding and showing Shar-pei for 8 years.
Our purpose is to better the breed while basking in the pleasure of
knowing we are raising each pup with the best possible care and attention.

sharpei wave We are not a large scale breeder, but rather, we keep it to a level that will
not interfere with the amount of time needed to care for all our dogs properly.
Breeding is by no means a livelihood for us but rather a hobby.

We love the breed and tell people who have something else, "Get a real dog,
Get a Shar-pei!" We breed for type, temperament and health. Our dogs are
reasonably priced and we do ship worldwide!! We offer all colors including
blue and have show prospects as well as lovable family companions.
Feel free to contact us with any questions.


sharpei puppy
A typical Dynasty Pup

star fish

sharpei studs

sharpei bitches

sharpei puppies

sharpei photos


If you have any questions on this wonderful breed please feel free to contact us. We donít consider ourselfs to be an authority but rather someone who thirsts for constant knowledge and over the past many years we have gained considerable experience.

We are always willing to answer any questions and we do not limit my availability to those who have purchased pups from us but, rather to anyone who wants to care for their pup properly.

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Dolly Edwards
Phone: (321)-724-6088

Sophia Randall
Phone: (321)-725-3546

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