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Bridal Party



The Bride's Parents:

  • Denise Ann Porter: Mother of the Bride
  • Clark D. Lampman: Father of the Bride

  • The Groom's Parents:

  • Vicki Stettler: Mother of the Groom

  • Steven Stettler: Father of the Groom



    The Bride's Attendants:

  • Breana Borlase: Maid of Honor- Bre is a friend of Shelley and Doug's. The three of them used to work together; Bre is a student at UCF and wants to be a wedding planner!
  • Sarah McCollum: Bridesmaid- Sarah is Michele's cousin. Sarah is in the 5th grade and loves horses. Michele was the flower girl in Sarah's mom's wedding!

  • Kristin AmRhein: Bridesmaid- Kristin is Michele's oldest girl cousin. Kristin is in the 7th grade and likes soccer and basketball.

  • Tasha Lowe: Bridesmaid- Tasha and Michele have been friends since they were in the sixth grade. They have been through a lot together and Michele is glad Tasha can share this day with her.

  • Ariel Rubinsky: Bridesmaid- Ariel is a friend of the bride and groom. The three of them used to work together as well. Ariel now lives in St. Pete and we miss her very much!

  • Janine AmRhein: Flower Girl- Janine is Michele's cousin and Kristin's sister. Janine is in the 4th grade.

  • Bricole Reincke: Doggie Attendant/Guest book Attendant- Bricole is a good friend of Michele and Doug's. She will be walking Kahlua and Bailey down the aisle, and will also be our guest book attendant.

  • Jenny McBride: Doggie Attendant/Guest book Attendant-Jenny is a friend of Michele's; they work together at Pets Ahoy. Jenny will also be walking Kahlua and Bailey down the aisle, and will also be our guest book attendant.


    The Groom's Attendants

  • Andrew Torretti: Best Man- Andrew is a long time friend of Doug's from Pennsylvania.

  • Adam Stettler: Groomsman- Adam is Doug's youngest brother. Adam is 18 and a senior at Colonial High School (Michele's High School too!)

  • Joseph Stettler: Groomsman-Joe is Doug's middle brother. He is a man of many talents, master of few. :o)

  • Brian Lampman: Groomsmen- Brian is Michele's youngest brother. Brian is 22 and is an electrician.

  • Donald Porter: Groomsmen- Donnie is Michele's middle brother. Donnie is 22 and is a loan officer for a mortgage company. Donnie lives in Michigan and we miss him VERY much!

  • Carlos Candelaria: Usher- Carlos is a friend of Michele and Doug's. He works with Brian as an electrician.

  • Kahlua: Ring Bearer- Kahlua is Michele and Doug's dog. He is a Catahoula Leopard Dog and is 1 1/2 years old.

  • Bailey: Ring Bearer- Bailey is Michele and Doug's other dog and is also a Catahoula Leopard dog. Bailey is 1 years old.