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About Michele:

Michele is 23 and is a Senior at The University of Central Florida, majoring in Psychology. She is an animal trainer at the Pets Ahoy show at Sea World. Michele loves animals and wants to either become an animal wrangler (training animals for movies) or start her own business teaching canine obedience, after she graduates. Michele likes reading, kickboxing, and modern Volkswagens.

Click Here to visit Michele's dog training website. She has been working on starting "That's My Dog" dog training for awhile and hopes to get the business going after she graduates next May.


About Doug:

Doug is 27 and is currently a cook at Chili's Grill and Bar. Doug went to culinary school in Pennsylvania and loves to cook. He is currently interested in learning how to blow glass and hopes to open his own art store. Doug likes camping, music, and Classic Volkswagens.


About The Couple:

Michele and Douglas live together in their home in East Orlando. They live there with their two dogs (Kahlua and Bailey), two cats (Archie and Chewey), two rats (Barley and Hops), and their leopard gecko (Pharis). They enjoy spending their time together relaxing (watching comedy central) or taking their dogs to the park to swim.


How We Met:

Doug and Shelley met while working together at Straub's Seafood Restaurant. Shelley had worked there for 2 years when Doug started working there. In fact, he had worked there for over a month before they even noticed each other! One day, Michele was asking everyone at work if they wanted to share a pasta dish with her. Nobody, except Doug, wanted to. So, Michele figured, "Why not?" That day started it all! From that point on they were inseparable!



Our Engagement:

We got engaged on February 10th, 2002. We were at Doug's mom's house having dinner. After dinner, Doug's mom, Vicki, was making coffee for everyone in the kitchen. Michele followed her into the kitchen to show her Kahlua's new trick. Vicki told Michele to go sit down because the coffee was almost ready. So, Michele went to sit down, and Kahlua came running into the room with something in his mouth. Vicki asked Michele, "What does Kahlua have?" "It's a box", Michele said. "Well get it from him", said Vicki. So, Michele got the box, and opened it and inside was a diamond ring! Doug got down on one knee and asked Michele to marry him! She said "YES!" and Kahlua proceeded to chew the box up to shreds!!!



You are listening to "Dreams" by: The Cranberries. (one of Shelley and Doug's songs!)