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About Town Limousine

Toll Free: 1-877-619-8400 Phone: 1-904-398-8400 Fax 1-904-398-2621

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Home Up Feedback

Once we have made phone contact with your corporation, received the itineraries for all travelers in your group, sent proposals out and agreed to terms, payment of 50% will be due to About Town Limousine. Payment by corporate check, Credit Card or cash is acceptable. Upon completion of the job, payment is due in full within 10 days. NO EXCEPTIONS. All group transportation will have 8.5% management fee included in each proposal.
Payments not received within the 10 days are subject to a service fee of 18%. We apologize if these terms seem harsh but with the high cost for fuel, newer equipment we use to ensure the safety of our passengers and quality of drivers we employ we feel it is fair and workable.

We will need each passengers Name, Flight Information (to include Airline, Flight Number and arrival time), Destination and return information.

Self-Pay customers need to be notified that they are Self-Pay to cut down on confusion with the passenger and driver. Any Self-Pay customers can email us or call us directly to book reservations. Credit Cards are required when booking reservations. We will soon have reservation bookings online for your convenience. Anyone changing flights or those who missed flights need to call to update pickup times to avoid charges for original scheduling. All NO SHOWS will be billed as standard pickups. Please let us know if you will be needing the services of a meet and greeter at the airport. We do provide that service at an additional charge.

Customer Agreement

In addition to the hourly rate for the car and chauffeur, any damage in excess of usual wear and tear of a hired car, there will be a minimum charge of $200.00 for the repair, missing borrowed CD's from the company and or general cleaning (especially vomiting) of the car. Decision as to the unusual wear and use of the vehicle interior and its environs, rest with the Company, solely, and its experience as to the general habitation of hired cars, and its decision is final. This company and/or chauffeur is not responsible for lost articles brought into vehicles. No alcoholic beverages served to minors or smoking of minors or drugs for anyone is permitted. In the event any of the previously mentioned occurs, the chauffeur will end the trip and NO refund will be given. FOR THE COMFORT AND CONCIDERATION TO OTHER PASSENGERS NO SMOKING IN VEHICLES. Any and all cigarette burns to vehicles interior will be charged to the credit card holder after estimate of damage has been established by the dealer. Deposits are non-refundable within 24 hours of engagement date. All NO-SHOWS will be billed as standard pickup.
If we can help you on any ground transportation needs, please do not hesitate to give us a call.