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There is a detailed state by state listing of cities and towns we'll be coming through or near on this great trek. Once you read the route and cities list, if you see we'll be coming near you please, by all means, come out and see us! We'd love to meet you all warmly with much respect and thanks.

The route for this AWESOME walk has been roughly estimated within the 800 mile radius which is far from a walk in any park. Oh what a terrible pun. But you get the point. *wink* It will begin in the origin city of Strike Force Freedom Cry, West Blocton Alabama. From there it will wind through various county roads until it reaches a road called Old Tuscaloosa Highway. It follows that rural way to Bessemer Alabama. We then turn right onto Highway 150 and go to Hoover Alabama where we then take Highway 31. That leads us north to Birmingham and Highway 78. That takes us clear through to Atlanta Georgia, then on to Athens Georgia. In Athens we'll catch Route 72 and go until we get to State 72 to Chester South Carolina. In Chester we'll take State 9 until we reach US 1 where we'll stay until we get to Washington DC and reach Constitution Avenue where we then turn to make the approach to the final destination, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Once there Senator and Congressman, I will give that long carried flag to you and let my stand be known. By the time I walk this great distance to you, be ready. Take that flag and go on. DO SOMETHING REAL.


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We are in the process of contacting Congressman Bob Clement and Senator Ben Campbell about accepting the carried flag and defense. We will keep our visitors posted as progress moves along. 

* If anyone would like to send donations of equipment and/ or money to help fund the needs of the mobile crew to ensure food, lodging, first aid supplies and such along the way of this trek, please contact This can be done in various ways, one of which is to use the secure server at using the "send to" address of . We have a verified account there and anyone can send any amount of funds for no charge through them. If you are not a member of PayPal you can become one quickly, easily and that's free also. Using that method gives you an official receipt you can keep and enables us to keep records of all donations sent to us electronically. You can use either a credit card or checking account to send funds and it's all very safe. 

*All companies of any size, anywhere in the United States who wish to sponsor the walk will receive widely covered, national publicity in exchange for their assistance to our crews. We will promote you and your assistance gratefully. BUT we will not do so to the point that it takes away focus from why we're doing this. We will be happy to add a banner of your business on our escort vehicles and will build a notice ad of thanks on our site.  If any individual or business objects to being noted on our site, please inform us at the time of your generosity and it will be done as you ask. 

*All Veterans and Armed Forces and Support groups who would like a banner displayed on one of our escort vehicles are welcome to submit them and this will happily be done free of any charge. 

Please Click here to Donate and Help our Crew Make this Work. You May Securely Use Credit Cards, ATM Debit Cards or Checking Accounts. THANK YOU!!!



Please bear in mind this fund drive is solely for the purposes of assisting our organization to fund the enormous cost of the efforts in the "Walk Toward the Light". It is not to benefit us in any way nor will it. We're doing this for others as we always have. Strike Force Freedom Cry is a non-profit organization and has been fully sustained by the Founder and members of the Board of Directors. We have not up to this point ever solicited contributions or donations from anyone. However in an endeavor of this magnitude, we are seeking supporters and sponsors for basic needs to help us complete this task successfully. 

We are expecting relatively large and numerous crowds and gatherings to meet us all along the route and to be waiting when we arrive at the Wall in Washington DC. We are all looking forward to meeting you vastly appreciate the support more than you know. Thank you greatly for responding in such an overwhelming way and for cheering us on. We're doing this all for you. And you can be sure, the wait won't be for nothing. We're coming. 


From the collective use of several maps and atlas among our route crew, we've come up with a comprehensive list of cities we will go through or near within a 20 mile radius of the route. But this isn't all I'm sure. If you are in any of these states and live on or around the route line and know of names we've left off, please let me know so we can put this on the site too. We're trying to inform people where we'll be coming through so they can come out to be with us as we go. Let's show  them all how many people are out there who's backing us!! Come add strength to the voice!!


 Woodstock, Greenpond, McCalla, Bessemer, Hoover, Homewood, Birmingham, Tarrant, Mt. Brook, Leeds, Pell City, Anniston, Riverside-Lincoln, Oxford, Armanville, Heflin, Edwardsville


 Tallapoosa, Bremen, Carrolton, Villa Rica, Douglasville, Atlanta, Decatur, Stone Mountain, Snellville, Loganville, Between, Lawrenceville, Monroe, Watkinsville, Jefferson, Danielsville, Crampton, Athens, Hull, Diamond Hill, Lexington, Comer, Elberton, Middleton,


Calhoun Falls, Abbeville, Greenwood, Coronaca, Mountville, Lydia Mills, Clinton, Whitmike, Carlisle, Chester, Richburg, Ft. Lawn, Great Falls, Lancaster, Pageland, Chesterfield, Cherlaw, Wallace


 Rockingham, Marston, Hoffman, Pinebluff, Aberdeen-in Aberdeen we'll go almost right by the front gate of both Ft. Bragg and Pope AFB, Manly, Lake View, Vass, Cameron, Lemon Springs, Tramway, Monroe, Merry Oaks, Raleigh, Kittrell, Henderson, Greystone, Middleburg, Manson, Ridgeway, Norlina, Wisw-Palmer Springs


South Hill, Meredithville, Cochran, Alberta, Warfield, Sturgeonville, McKenny-De Witt, Dinwiddie, Sutherland, Matoaca, Colonial Heights, Chester, Bellwood, Richmond, Laurel, Ashland, Doswell, Carmel Church, Golawsville, Ladysmith, Cedon, Thornburg, Massaponax, Fredricksburg, Falmouth, Stafford, Quantico-Home of the Marine Corps Reservation, Triangle, Dumfries, Wood Bridge, Accotink- home of Ft. Belvoir-  ALL THE WAY INTO WASHINGTON DC TO THE WALL!!!




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