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  1. Can you stud anything other than phones?

  2. That's a good question! If you have any ideas for objects that you would like studded, email me and we can discuss it. Of course, unlike cell phone faceplates, you would have to provide the item to be studded.

  3. What does the price of Studding my cell phone include?

  4. The price includes a new faceplate for your cell phone (with 2 day shipping), the cost of the crystals, a few extra crystals because accidents happen, and shipping for you new studded faceplate to be sent back to you.

  5. What is Crystals by Katie responsible for?

  6. We are responsible for purchasing a new faceplate and crystals for you cell phone, installing the crystals on the faceplate and shipping it to you safely. The customers are responsible for having the new faceplate installed on their cell phone by a qualified professional, as well as keeping the original faceplate in case your phone ever needs to be serviced.

  7. My Cell phone does not have faceplates available. Can you just put the crystals directly on my phone?

  8. Sorry, but at this time, we will only stud FACEPLATES, not the actual phone. We are doing this to protect you, because many cell phone service providers will void any warranty if the phone is altered by the owner. This way, if your phone needs to be serviced for one reason or another, you can put the original faceplate back on your phone before you take it in to be fixed. Also, Crystals by Katie does not want to be liable if your phone stops working.

  9. I saw studded faceplates on Ebay for $75. Why are your faceplates more expensive?

  10. Well, if you look closely, we can almost guarantee they have spaces in between their crystals. That's because they use larger crystals. Crystals by Katie uses smaller crystals (12ss, 9ss and 7ss) to avoid those ugly gaps. We are so confident in our product, that if you find another company/person that studs cell phones as good as we do, we will not only match their price, but also knock off $10! Plus, you are already saving tons of money by choosing Crystals by Katie! There are companies out there that charge almost $400 for the same exact service we are offering! However, for $75, Crystals by Katie will stud one side of your cell phone faceplate!

  11. Some of my crystals don't seem very shiny. What's wrong?

  12. There is probably a little glue on them. But don't worry. That it easily fixable! The glue we use is almost like a rubber cement, so the easiest thing to do is to rub your flat finger back and forth over the surface of your phone. It should rub the glue away. Also, if there is some glue oozing from underneath the of the crystals, you can gently pull it away or trim it with some manicure scissors. Just be careful not to pull too hard or get too carried away because you could be loosening the bond on the crystals by removing the glue from underneath.

If you have any other questions that weren't answered here, feel free to Email Me!!