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What We Do!

At Crystals by Katie, we take pride in providing quality service and back our products 100%.

We use Authentic Swarovski Flatback Crystals to stud phones. We also use a special process to glue the crystals onto your phone to ensure maximum adhesion. Cyrstals are placed by hand, one at a time so the designs look great!

Unlike many other companies/people who stud cell phones, Crystals by Katie uses smaller crystals (SS12, SS9, and SS7)to avoid any ugly gaps between the stones.

Upon purchase of one of our studded cell phone faceplates, you will also receive a few extra crystals, because as we all know, accidents do happen.

Crystals by Katie guarantees to have some of the lowest prices around! Why pay nearly $400 when you can have Crystals by Katie stud your phone for less than half that?!?

If you find another company that can stud cell phones at a comparable quality to Crystals by Katie for less, Crystals by Katie will match their price and knock off an extra $10!!