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The Official Bogo Zeedee Faith ULC Tabernacle Website

Welcome To The Official Bogo Zeedee Faith ULC Tabernacle Website!

Can you imagine yourself attaining salvation & forgiveness without a middle man?
Can you imagine yourself in a total state of bliss & happiness?
Can you imagine yourself as part of a fellowship which is totally non-judgemental where everybody is warm,loving & welcoming?

If your answer is yes you have come to the right place & we will help you find spirituality,love,bliss & happiness that you will not find in other faiths.

A person is able to attain higher states and even levels of consciousness by special meditation.
You can believe in abolishing victimless crimes can you not?
I don't know if you realize 2 consenting and informed adult humans commit no crimes.
You might notice the sensations in your body while you stop taking life so seriously and start thinking for yourself. You may or may not really enjoy learning to have fun with life.

You might wonder about our various programs.
Sooner or later you find homeless aid, alternative education, community coffee shop, community retreat, and a webpage describing our services and goals.
I get several emails from Xtians that try in vain to tell me that Gee-Zeus is the one and only "lord".
If you are tempted to email me and "set me straight", I would like for you to answer the following questions because only the heavy weight hypocrites can answer these questions and still want to judge me for my own beliefs.

1. Is your god an all powerful, all knowing and omniscient god?

2. Is your god an all forgiving and compassionate god?

3. With the first two answers being "yes"(and if you're Xtian they will be)...Is your god capable of forgiving me of any sin including the sin of not asking for forgiveness when he knows that he is the one who caused me to be this way?

Now, as you can plainly see, there are only a couple of choices and the answer "no" means that your god is really a human that looks exactly like you do and not a god at all because only people are that inconsistent as to say they are compassionate and forgiving and then kill one another for not believing as they do.
BTW, if you are tired of Xtians hounding you because you believe that Lucifer got a bad rap, or what-have-you, feel free to turn their beliefs around with these questions, I'm not the originator but I am the only one I know who uses the power of questions to punch holes in dogma.

If you have any suggestions for how to make any of the above mentioned programs easier to implement or if you live in or are visting the Greater Miami/Fort Lauderdale area & want to hear the wisdom of Bogo Zeedee please send email to:

May The Great Lord Bogo Zeedee Bless You!

Brother Moses
Prophet of The Most High Bogo Zeedee

Brother Anton
Vicar of The Most High Bogo Zeedee

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