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Barbara's Home Page

days 'til Graduation!


I have been on a quest to become an RN. This quest has taken me through twists and turns, and lo! there is light and the end of the tunnel... May 2nd to be exact. I am a proud mother of three wonderful children. Philip, Genielle, Briana, and no pets! Probably like most of us with work, school, family and so many other distractions I haven't really had time for any of my hobbies, which include swimming, playing tennis and traveling.

I eluded to graduation day earlier, but first allow me to tell you about the ride that got me there. It's been rough going... long nights studying, juggling of work schedules, and no life! I recall many nights study groups rushed from point A to point B just to beat library closings. (we kept Dunkin Donuts in business) Late night calls to quiz and discuss strategies for tests. On a number of occassions, I've had my colleagues on the other end of the phone snoring louder than I was reading!

Yes this Quest has changed my life incredibly. It has forced me to become a resident of the technology community. Prior to this course, the most use I got out of our computer were games of solitaire and tut's tomb. My 8 year old was more computer literate than I was. Although this course was rough, I acquired new technical skills that I will always be able to use, and I got to know some pretty wonderful people in the process. People whom I have enjoyed going to class with, working clinicals, and spending endless hours studying together. These people I will miss dearly. I am hoping we can still meet occasionally and studying won't be a part of the curriculum, or call one another and the word download won't enter into the conversation. Yvonne, Nadia, Eaton, Tom, , Andrea, Claudia, Islande, Earline, and the rest of the class of 2002, Congratulations and Good Luck! Thank you for being great classmates. May you all land the job you desire! Thank you for my instructors. Most of you have been wonderful to have had. Good luck to you in the future as well. I could not have gotten here without you.

My Personal Creed

I had this dream when I was a child

To be someone special and do something worthwhile

Even back then I wanted to save the world

But what could I do I was just a little girl

Now that I've grown I know one thing for sure

With all my heart I'll do my best to prevent and cure

I will serve you even if you have an empty purse

Because I'm dedicated to healing, that's why I became a nurse

There're many things I've done and places I've been

Yet none more gratifying than becoming an RN

I promise never to neglect a patient no matter the need

I am Barbara Stewart RN... this is my personal creed

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