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Aaliyah...We Will Remember You. And Love You. ALWAYS.

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in memory
Aaliyah Dana Haughton
January 16, 1979 - August 25, 2001
Rest in Peace, Babygirl. You are forever remembered.

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who am i?
Youll describe yourself here. Use all kinds of interesting words, get creative and use your imagination. Heres some ideas that I used for mine.... Pierced. Saracastic. Giving. Emotional. Sleepy. Lazy. Broke. Shy. Crazy. Silly. Sweet. Babygirl. Scared. Bored. Bitchy. Moody. Misunderstood. Understanding. Hyper. Funny. Obsessive. Naughty. Psycho. Wild. Horny. Sympathetic. Weird. Unique. Cute. Evil.

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Wanting: so much.
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