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~~~HollaB2K! I kno it ain't even B2K!~~~
Sommin Good Happened @ %%3:22 pm%% on %%January *29*%%

%%entry%% I WENT 2 WINTERBALL WIT DEREK HALL!!!!! He iz fuggin BANG*N!!!! 2 bad he knowz BARRON!!!!!!!! I wuz so heated..I'll let u kno about all these people in my about section! But derek wuz lookin really good! i love him 2 death! But on tha real i wuz rly about 2 beat down this girl in school last week! She goes out wit me ex n she thinx that i still want him *He'z a cocky bitch!* n so people kept sayin that I wanted 2 beat her ass *I rly didn't* n so she wuz goin around tellin everybody that she wuz gonna beat my ass *OK!!!* n so some bytch momi wuz like D's gonna get her ass beat by deneen n i jus busted out n i wuz like she's from friggin kentucky n i'm from da bronx...wut does she have on me? *NUTHIN* cuz she rly don't want this cuz i would have 2 her bird-lookin azz DOWN! But i need 2 stop fightin...But mah baby moved! n he neva told me! Derek told me @ britt'z party! so u kno i wuz heated wit him! but it'z all gravy..i still got his he can't saw nothin! but u kno i wanted 2 go 2 this B2K concert but tha ticketz were 65 fuckin dollaz!!!! I love them but not THAT MUCH!!! but this layout iz goin up until i feel like makin a new one! i can make a bangin one but i am a lazy girl!!!!! ~Lil'D

then || now


HOLLA ME! Lil'D! What can i say! I love myself! This iz a shot out 2 all my peepz!BARRON *Braid ya nappy ass hair! But i still love u boo! I miss u tho!!!! U betta be @ My house 2!! That cereal iz nasty but u don't have 2 throw it @ me!! DAMN! Wut kinda love iz that?!* DEREK!!!! *OMG!!!! U kno i luv ya but why tha feezy do u have 2 kno BARRON? out of everybody u have 2 kno BARRON!???!! Nigga Come on! U kno she thought she wuz workin it but i really had 2 pull u away n show her how it'z really done! that Shyt from ya coat iz still on my dress!* Ariel, Brianna C. Brianna M. TISHA!!!! Trina, Tiffany *Put ya handz Up!*, Deanna, Kim P. Brittany *FART ON!!!!! HOLLA*, Midge, Melissa, Lizzie, Stephannie, Crystal O. Crystal C. Sasha, Julia, Keara, Juleesa, Alina, Jess Perry *Tha white girl wit tha rythym*, Nela, Lacey, Julianne, Jayliana, Martaiyliya *Jump that Nigga!*, Yenae *Ya i saw u!!! U AIN"T SLICK!!!!!!*, DyIsha *Sip DizziL!* Melanie, Flavia, Kayla, Hawah, Selina, Samantha *Mini Me*, Tyree, Rashad *Jenki!!!!!* Brandon W *She wuz friggin ugly n she couldn't dance!* Brandon K *Ashleigh? NIGGA!!!!* Kendall *I didn't get 2 dance wit u..sry* Peter*Braid yo nappy ass hair 2!* Randy *Thank u fa gett*n ya brotha 2 come! U kno i love you! Why tha hell didi u throw that heavy ass coat at me?!*, Snoop, Ev, Buddy *NOT SNOOP BUDDY tha otha Buddy, Stephan*, Mason, Derek *My black Nigga! i love ya* Evan *jus cuz u a "Prince" don't mean u neeed 2 go fa them little gurlz*, Boy- Wonda *Get ya ass UP!*, Travis, I still got mad headz 2 put on here!

FEELING imood here.


%%buddy list%%

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Nelly ~ Air Force 1's
50 Cent ~ In Da club
B2K ~ Bump, bump, bump
Baby * P.Diddy ~ Do That
Aaliyah ~ I Miss You
Smiles * Southstar ~ Tell Me
Mario ~ C'Mon

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Me~I am a Ghetto-azz Black*Puerto Rican*Dominican* High school girl...who wantz her freind chicken n misses her boyfriend n wantz sommin that she can't have.....u do tha math!
My Site~ This iz a B2K, Mario, n Nelly Page..first off of u don't like them then get tha fuck out! *No haterz!!!!!* But thsi page has a high level of fineness n may cause you girlz 2 explode or other dangerous thingz...look wit much caution!

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