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It is recognized
that it is the responsibility of the County government
to provide services affecting
the health and welfare
of the citizens of the County
and that this Agreement between the County
and the ATU will serve that end.

In accordance with Certification No. 531
which was issued by the Public Employees Relations Commission
on March 27, 1981, (Case No. RC-80-057)
and as amended by Orders dated July 18, 1985,
(Case No. MS-85-014), and May 11, 1998 (Case No. UC-98-012),
the County hereby recognizes
Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1591
as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent
for the purpose of collective bargaining
with respect to wages, hours, promotions,
and conditions of employment for those employees of the County
working within the following bargaining unit
certified pursuant to the aforementioned case numbers.

INCLUDED: All full-time and permanent part-time employees of the
Broward County Board of County Commissioners
in the classifications set forth in Attachment I.
EXCLUDED: All other employees
including temporary, "will call" employees,
supervisory employees with the level
or position of section head,
assistant directors and division and department heads,
employees presently represented by a certified bargaining representative,
managerial and confidential employees as defined
by Chapter 447, Part II, Florida Statutes,
and professional employees.