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Major Charles A. Broudy (Chuck): Arlington Memorial Service

September 9, 2003, the Broudy family gathered in Washington DC to honor their husband and Father at Arlington National Cemetery. Chuck's death occurred in 1977 as a result of his exposures to ionizing radiation.

Chuck, a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery under fire, and an Air Medal with four gold stars representing 100 missions flown against the enemy in both WWII and Korea, met an untimely death at age fifty seven from lymphoscarcoma. This was due, our family believes, to his many exposures to ionizing radiation during his twenty year military career, particularly during Shots PRISCILLA and HOOD at the Nevada Teat Site (NTS) and also during his occupation of Nagasaki, Japan and in a Radiological Trainging School at Mare Island,California, aboard plutonium-comtaminated ships USS CRITTEN and the USS INDEPENDANCE while returing from Operation CROSSROADS.

Enlisting as a private in 1940, Chuck atended flight school, flew as an enlisted pilot during WWII as a Staff Sergant, promoted to temporary Second Lieutenant, and after the War ended, took and passed with flying colors an exam to keep his temporary rank. He was discharged as a Staff Sergeant and reinstated as a permanent Second Lieutenant. He retired as a Major. This entitled him to join the honorable ranks of Mustangs.

The Broudy Family was saluted as they arrived at Arlington.