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Andrew's Page Of Thoughts!

Hello and Welcome! You have entered my little world, filled with endless rambling, random stories of my life, and lots of strange opinions.

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On hiatus.
2-7-2005 No, we haven't been cancelled, but we've been put on hold for re-tooling.
Or something like that.
Check back in a month or two, maybe I'll have a little more time to keep up with things here, but I've seriously just been busy with work and more work. And oh yeah, I hate the snow this year. And it's only the beginning of February.
Anyways, just stopped in to say hi to anybody randomly still reading this. And if you are, I should give you a prize or something, so e-mail me to find out where to pick it up. :)

Coldplay day, Avery St, "Wet Socks and Purple Rain: My Heroic, Epic Journey Across Campus"
Quote of the Day- "And anyone who tried to deny you, must be out of their mind, Because I came here with a load, And it feels so much lighter since I met you. Honey you should know, That I could never go on without you..." - Coldplay - "Green Eyes" (Something about this day just said Coldplay to me. Maybe it was just the mood of the dark, rainy day- keep reading to see what I mean!)
9-23-2003 Okay, so to start off, that cold I thought I shook last week is back with a vengeance. I was fine yesterday, then last night I just start sniffling and sneezing violently. So that should set the general scene for my big rant of the day...
I'm watching the news this afternoon to see the story about the fire at Avery Street Church this morning (Fire destroys part of church), and then there's whatever his name is telling us about the big storms going on. So I'm figuring, whats the big freaking deal? It's raining a little, so everybody's panicing, just like they did for the hurricane that never hit us. Then there's "Super Doppler 300 Billion" or whatever the hell it is. But something's weird- there are some spots they're showing on the colored doppler that are purple- PURPLE! Green means normal rain. Yellow you might start to worry. Red you wanna stay indoors, but purple?? I've never seen that before. That's like super-monsoon weather. That should have been my clue to just stay inside for the rest of the day.
But no, those of you who know me well, you know that it takes an awful lot for me to skip any classes. Sick? No problem, I'll just drug up and sit through it. Rain? So what, I've got an umbrella, right? Just to be safe, I put on a hat too. So it's like 1:45 and I'm heading out to my copy editing class in Arjona, which is comparatively pretty close to me for this campus. A walk across the street, up a hill, and a few buildings down the street. I go downstairs and look out the front door, and me and this other guy stop when we see what looks like an actual hurricane going on outside. He says, "I've got an exam, I gotta do this no matter what!!" Then he says, "If I don't make it, tell my girlfriend I love her!", he pushes the door open and takes off. Four steps down the sidewalk, his foot gets stuck in a puddle, he trips, and the wind picks him up and blows him into the cow fields down the street.
Okay, so that whole last part didnt really happen. But I figure, if this dude can brave it without even an umbrella, I've got it made. Run to the cross walk, the umbrella's already starting to give. And the new crosswalk signal doesnt work right, so the lights not changing, and its not changing, and not changing, and I'm standing there with a bunch of people getting completely trashed by the wind and purple rain. (Hmmm, maybe Prince had something to do with it... I hope somebody got that reference, because I thought it was pretty clever. Let me know. Anyways...) So we finally make a run for it under the "they won't hit all of us!" theory, and I make it across the first street. There's a dip in the sidewalk where the water is all piling up, so I decide to walk on the muddy, squishy grass so I don't have to walk through the big puddle. Not walk in a puddle- ha! How naive I was...
At this point its all good cause I'm going up hill and walking into the wind, so the umbrella's strained, but cool, and the water is all going downhill in nice little streams. Then I have to turn, and the umbrella does a little flip, but it recovers. Of course, now the rain is coming in sideways, so my pants are completely soaked, nothing I can do about it. By this point, it feels like somebody is literally just dumping buckets of water right on top of me. There's people all around running for their lives, dropping their cell phones, and screaming, "just leave them!" Okay, so that would never happen either...
At the top of the hill, I come to an intersection of a few big sidewalks, and there's this huge, wide, brown river running down the hill, a lot faster than you'd expect to see rain water draining. It's seriously turning into a flash flood. There's no way around it, so I stop for a sec to see if theres anywhere else I can go, then some guy hops through the river, and I figure, ok, gotta do it. Then by the time I get to the actual road, there's what looks like a waterfall coming over the curb and gushing down the sidewalks. Now I'm thinking, "Holy crap, should I just turn back, give up and just bail out on class?" I was soaked already, but figured that going back would just be as bad as going forward, and I wanted to beat this mofo. By now I'm running cause the rain is getting heavier, if thats even possible (what's worse than purple? Plaid rain??), and I'm trapped in by this waterfall-river thing. Of course, I see other people going right through it, so okay, went right through it. That river had quite a current to it, and it was at least ankle deep. So now my shoes are waterlogged and squishy, and my socks are soaked through. Great. Then here comes the worst part- the road between Arjona and Monteith (the two main classroom buildings in that part of campus) has basically become this huge brown river, draining right towards the path that I'm on. There's seriously no way across it, but I'm standing in this sideways-plaid-rain-monsoon thing and I want out, so gotta go through the river to get to a building. And here comes a freaking shuttle bus, and does it stop at the cross walk?? No, of course not! We're a couple of pathetic, drowned rats standing in ankle deep water, and the bus plows on by. Thanks! Jerk. Finally make it across to the actual building, and there are dozens of people standing in the doorways, just watching. They all just got out of class, and nobody wanted to go out in this rain, so they're just standing there watching the flash floods sweep geese and freshmen away down the street...
I finally got inside, closed the umbrella and took a breather. My backpack was soaked through, my pants (jeans of course) were soaked through, and the worst, my shoes and socks felt like I just took a bath with them on, which I essentially did. I manage to walk up 4 flights of stairs with my weighted-down shoes, dumped my stuff in the classroom, and went to the bathroom to grab a ton of papertowels, then proceeded to peel off my shoes and socks in class and mop my feet off at least. One girl came walking in with an umbrella that looked like it had gotten struck by lightning, it was torn up and flipped around so bad. Half of us in the class were dripping and bitching, and the other half of the people had already been in the building, and were asking, "Oh, is it raining out?" DUUUUH!!! It was the worst downpour I have ever seen or experienced, and I hope I don't have to do that again anytime soon. Then, of course, 5 or 10 minutes later, it all slowed to a light sprinkle, and the flood waters receeded. But I ended up carrying my soaked socks around in the hat I brought, wore soaked shoes on my bare feet, and had to sit in dripping wet jeans for the next 3 and a half hours, since I had classes from 2-315, and 330-530. And in the second class, the air conditioning was cranked up to high, so I was like shivering and getting all pruned. When I finally got back to my room, I got rid of all the wet clothes, threw my shoes into the microwave, climbed onto the heater, and that was that. Actually, I made that last part up too. I just changed, dried off, and made some soup.
All that's really gotta be good for a cold, huh?
Oh yeah, I had some other classes and crap somewhere in my day too, but all thats boring crap, and I wanted to tell my story. And how come this had to happen on tuesday, when I had 5 classes? Tomorrow I'll be sitting here all day and it'll be gorgeous out.
So what did I learn from all of this? If the weather guy says it's purple rain outside, you better to listen to him, or else you'll be carrying around wet socks in a hat all day. And turn up that Coldplay.
Thank you, goodnight.


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This page would seriously never have been possible if it wasn't for these people. Thanks to my original "role models", Spencer and Margaret, for inspiring me. :) Another round of huge thanks to Spencer, for providing lots of technical support for my first page, and then again for the problems with the picture pages. Thanks to all the "guinea pigs" who I had checking everything out from the very beginning on. Thanks to my parents for getting me this computer and scanner! Thanks to everybody who reads the page and passes the link along. A special thanks to everybody who inspires me everyday and to all of you who make life just so much fun. :)

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