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Florida pictures taken by my family ">

Florida Photos



One of our son's surfing.

The Lone Surfer

Another picture of one of our sons. I think his jump was at SpaceCoast Skydive. What a spectacukar view!

A dolphin greeting Sea World.

A fun ride for my son and husband on Kracken at SeaWorld

Feeding time at Busch Gardens

A blue heron at the beach.

A ghost crab on the beach.

Can't have Florida pictures without a gator picture. This one was taken at the Stick Marsh.

One of my favorite beaches-Coconut Point near Melbourne Beach.

One of the pelicans at Ocean Ave. Beach in Melbourne Beach

A blue heron on the bank of the Indian River in Melbourne Beach.

An osprey at the Stick Marsh.

King of the rock at the Stick Marsh.

This is what is commonly called the Treehouse at Turkey Creek Sanctuary located in Palm Bay, Florida.


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