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Full review on ATV offroad furry for PS2
ATV offroad furry was a very succsessful game for ranbow studios. One of many reasons of coarse but mainly being the racing aspect of the game unlike mx2002 you can really get down and air out the big jumps without having to use a clutch or preload so much even though the graphics arent as good the game is still awsome by far.


Well the graphics on this game are unlike any ohter. Almost simaler to that of motocross madness by microsoft but a little better and sharper. the ps2 plays this game great although the loading screens do take a while they are worth the wait.


In the gameplay you can select from 4 diffrent types of tracks eacth one very diffrent from the other. You have the MAXXIs nationals wich is a basic motocross race more high speed. Then there is your supercross wich is more of an timing track then anything else. then there is athe freestyles and that explains itself, then followed by the cross country wich is in my oppinion most fun because you get to reach top speeds.


Well this is a major improvement the controlling of the game is very impresive infact better then i would of though possible. Its very easy to make tight turns, the only major problem we had was timing the jumps but that was our fualt not the games.

7-10 3dfxgames


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