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These are the first backgrounds for the designs section they can be made with your logo on them just contact me at the service section of the website to get it setop and your new background can be sent within a matter of a week or so.

However, if you would like to choose a different style you may do so by sending me an email describing it how you want it inn basic and 3dfx will and the detail for you. look for interfaces later Thankyou.







Well the designs section of our site is up and running. It offers a two backgrounds curently but will have more material later on into next week or so. I have the images I just need to post them.

This is not the actual layout in the designs section of our website. We later will adjust it to fit the same layout as our hompage. When we changed our hompage layout we made it completely different from that of the designs page so to make the web site look as good as possible we will change the layout of the designs section here soon. Thanks you.


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