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Wescott Roofing 

Serving Central Florida for 18 years.

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So  What are some reasons I might need a new roof?


OK  We are fairly sure you will need a new roof...

Some Reasons are rather Obvious!



Here are the 6 biggest reasons for thinking about having a new roof

1. You've got a leak

Leaks can do more damage than just to the Ceiling of your home.  Often a leak has done damage to the framework of your home before it actually enters the home.

2. Rainy season is here! (see #1)

When we enter the rainy season, RAIN is almost a daily event.  This makes the repair tough to schedule as well as having the potential for major damage in a hurry.

3. Save money.

More often than not it is much cheaper to have the roof done than to wait until you have a problem.  Once damage has occurred to the interior  ceiling of your home it is almost impossible to repair it back to the original appearance.  (especially if you have a popcorn sprayed ceiling.  Many times The only way to restore it is to do the entire room.)

4. Storm and wind damage. (see #2)

Need we say anything else.  If you have lived in Florida even a short time you realize the POWER of our Weather.

5. Resale value. "What a difference a new roof can make"

A new roof will add more than just the value of the roof itself.  A new roof can add a whole new look to the entire property.  It will dramatically change the appearance of the home and add greatly to the homes appeal.

6. Peace of Mind.

Our estimates are free.  We will give you an honest, professional, opinion of the condition of your roof.  If you chose to have your roof replaced you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a professionally installed NEW roof.

Give us a call and let us help you with your roofing questions and concerns. 



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