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A Snipers Mission

The mission of the infantry sniper is to select and engage key targets beyond the range of the normal rifleman. By this the sniper creates casualties among enemy troops, frightens enemy soldiers, slows their movement, adds confusion to their operations, and lowers enemy morale.

The sniper's secondary mission is collecting and reporting battlefield information. The sniper is more than a rifleman with extended range . His training, weapon system, and his ammunition allow him to consistently engage man sized targets out to and beyond one kilometer . This fact alone makes him a valuable tactical asset and an addition to unit firepower.

Snipers can support both offensive and defensive missions , wartime or not . The sniper is a very flexible asset .This the age of Military Operations Other Than War snipers give unit commanders a means of eliminating threats while staying in the confines of the Rules Of Engagement . Snipers can operate as part of a unit operations or independently . While sniper team patrolling, the spotter walks point. Often operating independantly, the sniper team acts as it's own security. This team is at a security halt. The sniper is using the radio in the spotters rucksack to communicate with higher headquarters.

A sniper's ability to conduct field operations usually comes from his experience as a line infantry soldier. From "simple" missions like raids and ambushes a soldier learns the basics of camouflage , cover and concealment , movement and land navigation , constructing and occupying fighting positions . From recon and surveillance missions as a scout an infantryman learns stealthiness and patience . Learning all of these traits are important to a soldier who hopes to enter a sniper team and further develop these skills .