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Name: Burke Ian Tyrell

Race: Human
Class: Gunslighter, Mechanic
Deamenor: Nuetrel Evil

STATS Strength: 12
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 17
Charisma: 16

Family: unknown
Number of Siblings: unkown
Social Class: low
Relgion: non

Sex: Male Age: 13
Height: 5'5
Weight: 90
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green

Gear: x1 cartrage gun. x 10 bullet size 1s. x 10 bullet size 2s. x7 bullet size 3s. x5 bullet size 10s. x2 bullet size 15s. x 1 bullet size 17s. Body Armor (chest plate under shirt) Which can take one direct hit of a regular bullet or energy blast, with admoral pain.

Weapon Proficences: Ian is able to use a dagger, or sabre, but is best with his cartrage gun. Ian could also use mostly any type of bullet shooting gun.

Spells: -


Languages Spoken: English, Hand language.

Charater Personality Outline: Fairly mature, though energic, and sometimes rowdy. Usally the brains of the operation, being fairly smart in Math and Science. Ian loves to work on old cars, and computers.

Charater History Outline: Ian grew up in a tavern, from the time he was six, with his bestfriend Nathan. Orginally Ian didn't use a gun or even know how to fight, untill Nathan was killed by a vampire, when Ian was 12. Ian then learned how to use Nathan's cartrage gun, and worked at the tavern. Ian has just recently shut the Tavern down and went out to explore the world a bit.