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The Tsuriai bloodline

Hello there! Welcome to the main page of the "Tsuriai Family." The Tsuriais is the family name, orignally developed by Rufus Shinra(Rufus_Shinra__) to rid himself of the Shinra name. Here you will find Bios of each of the family members, bios of some of the people behind the charaters, a picture gallery, links to other pages, and some coool music. The Profiles don't go in any..special's just how I made them. They, most definately do not go in order of importance.
Whoaaa, hold up. >.> My computer got hit by lightening acouple days ago, and I jus got my modem fix. Now that I'm back I'm gonna start rping agian, for those of you who knew about my little "mishap." So that means....I'm... UPDATING! scary...


The picture gallery
Locke Tsuriai
Jesse Tsuriai
Leon Tsuriai
Elliott Tsuriai
Pathos Tsuriai
Celes Tsuriai
Rufus Tsuriai
The Neo Dark Angel
The Armory