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My name is Rufus Tsuriai, but it was once Rufus Shinra. I changed it after I went on a quest to go find myself. My home is the Ancient Temple. I found it buried in sand out in the desert. Aeris Nightstorm helped me uncover it. Inside I found, oddly, a picture of how I look now with my very long hair and pointed ears. I am sort of a new race now, one that arose from combining three incompatible races. The races were Jenova born human, Shadow Creature, and Holy being. I named the new race as NeoCetra. It fits, seeing that the Cetra seemed to know I would exist like this. Now, I've been through alot in my life. When I was a child the man I thought was my father abused me in every way a child can be abused. That was President Shinra. My hate for him, and my Jenova cells, kept me alive. When I was 12 I ran into Scarlett. She was 15 and was willing to spend time with me. No one ever really cared before so I used to slip out to see her. One night though she seduced me and we slept together. After that, I relised I was not interested in women and wound up not seeing her again. I had no idea she had become pregnat with twins, and would not know for more then 14 years. When I was 16 my abuse ended and I became Vice President of the ShinRa corperataion. I spent the next ten years avoiding the president, hanging out with the Turks, and doing what a VP does. When I was 26 President Shinra was killed by my half brother, Sephiroth. I found out the nex year that we had the same mom. Any way, since the President was dead, I became the new president. It was that night I met my future Brother-in-law/ Adopted brother, Cloud Strife. He didn't like me at first and started a fight. He only won because I had to leave. I spent the next few months chasing Cloud and his friends, looking for Sephiroth, and seaking the promised land. I guess all of that nearly got me killed. When I orderd the Mako Cannon fired I had decided to watch it from my office. I barely had time to react when I saw Diamond Weapon's counter attack. I managed to hide under my desk and not get hurt to badly. After that I used some time to heal before deciding to restart the ShinRa company. I went looking for memebers of my family, adopted, and found both Elena Shinra and Tifa H Shinra very fast. It was the same day I found Tifa that I met my long time friend, Sephiroth ShinRa. I gave him the job of Head of ShinRa Magic. Also, soon after that, my buddy Reno introduced me to Solo Shinra son of Rufus, the son I never knew and for a long time did not accept as my blood son (even though I had adopted him before that). He didn't like me at first and his wild temper caused him to start shooting at me. I wound up with a bullet grazing my arm, but didn't flinch. After that he settled down and it was a while before we spoke again. I began gathering people for my company and wound up with Sephiroth SOLDIER 1st (my half brother, unknown to me at the time) as head of my SOLDIER department and Professor Gast of ShinRa (My true father, also unknown to me at the time) as head of my Reaserch department. Things were looking good, we were getting allies and avoiding making enimies. I think the turning point in the building of my clan was my friend Reno getting put in a coma. I got put incharge of his Turks and started gettign allies to go after the ones who had hurt him. As things turned out, though, we are now good friends with those people. Locke, who had been the one to ambush Reno, was helped by me to try and push away his evil soul. As I write this, Locke is my brother, and will always be; not of flesh but of spirit. How did I help him you might ask, well, I went through evil stages as well. The first was when I was getting trained by Rude, the once head of anouther Turk clan. Him and I became known as Cyan Knight of Evil(him) and Shadow the Destroyer(me). We went on killing sprees, and this is how I learned to fight. Cloud noticed this, after I had killed him and brought him back, and helped me. This was why my soul ended up splitting in half the first time. Cyan had killed Reno, and I had brought my friend back for my son. Cid of the Turks had died on my blade, and I had his soul. I had aloud Cloud to come back to life, and started to teach him how to fight. It was he who helped me. Cyan gave me the darkness, my Shadow Self. And just after that, my soul split into my origonal, Jenova Self, anf my Shadow Self. Cloud and I adopted eachother as brothers, and my Shadow Self was killed by Cyan. Then, Cyan dissapeard for a while. It was after that that I saved Locke from his own evil, and itroduced him to Celes. They were married a few days later. Any way, I starterd teaching the memebers of my clan how to fight as I had been taught. Sephiroth ShinRa learned fairly well, but my half brother, Sephiroth SOLDIER 1st, held onto anouther fighting style. It was around this point that my mind started to dwell on what had happend to me as a child. I had never spoken of what had been done to me, so I started to talk to my brother Cloud, and my sister Tifa, about it. I also showed my scars to my friends. All were sympathitic, but still I dwelled on it. Then, one day, as I sat in my office, Professor Gast wandered in. I asked him, for this question had bothered me for some time, if I had ever been infused with Mako. He confessed that I had. I started to demand he tell me everything, so he told me that Lucrecia (LucreciaValentine LostSoul as she is known now) was my real mom, and I was Jenova born. This shocked me, but explained why I had been able to talk telepathicly, for it was an ability I had picked up on a week or so before. That was all he told me before I showed him, as I had the others, my memories of being beaten (I had blocked off the other horible things that had been done to me). After a little while Gast broke down crying. He started to appologize for leaving me behind. I was startled by this, and shocked when he revieled he was my real father. My whole life started to make sense at this point, and so I cheered up. I had real family, not just adopted members. I was happy for once. It was still a while before I accepted Solo as my true son, even though I had adopted him. The only problom was that I started to hear the voice of Jenova. She was calling and my brother, Sephiroth SOLDIER 1st to her. (Taken off the page of the person who plays Rufus Tsuriai, hell she says it better then I could!)
Rufus Tsuriai, is missing like Celes, and Jack for that matter. Locke has spent much time looking for his family, but never found anything. Elliott and Leon have both heard many stories, but doubt they will ever get to meet them.