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During the time when Locke returned as a Dark Angel, he brought from hell, the soul of Pathos. Pathos, is not an orignal Tsuriai, he started out as a Dark Angel hungering for souls of the innocent. The team of Locke and Pathos, didn't last very long, because of Young Elliott Tsuriai, who came a totally destroyed Locke, and then turned Pathos into a Human, forcing his chaotic nature away. Now with Pathos a human, Jesse Tsuriai couldn't let him go out alone, so invited him into the Tsuriai family. Pathos accepted, and became Pathos Tsuriai, but...things were not all good, for Leon hated Pathos for what he was, and they fought many times. In the end Leon killed Pathos, and took his soul. Leon with Pathos' soul made a deal, Pathos' Chaos Sword, for his life. Pathos accepted, so Leon brought back Pathos, and Pathos gave Leon the Chaos Sword. Not long after Pathos was brought back to life, Rowin Tsuriai's soul was corrupted, and Rowin killed Pathos. Pathos hasn't been seen agian, not even to this day.