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Elliott #1 The Neo Dark Angel

Neo Dark Angel Perfect

This is Elliott of the home timeline, it's rumored he has no soul. He was born in a test tube, 2 years ago. He has several Powers which follow. The Neo Dark Angel, he is at peace with his body, a perfect body he lives in. The Cell-structure is that of a Seraphim, the highest level of Holy Angelic. His mind, is that of the evilist and most powerful of the demons, a Dark Angel. With this he has several abilites, a perfect body, which makes him super strong. He is also a techno Mage. Certain devices implanted in the right arm, on the bottom wrist, allows perfect concentration to cast AD&D styled spells. His mind, is full of the knowledge of both Holy and Dark Angelics. His Psionic power gives him several different abilites. The Neo Dark Angel was born with knowledge of every fighting style known on this plane, several different Psionic styles, and magic spells.

Telekinetics - manipulation of motion
Pyrokinetics - manipulation of fire
Electrokinetics - manipulation of electricity
Cryokinetics - manipulation of temperature
Psychokinetics - manipulation of the mind, also known for manipulation of general energies
Hydrokinetics - manipulation of water
Bio-Manipulation (also known as Psychometabolics or Meta-Physics)-control over body
Adaptation - adapting body to virtually any condition.