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Locke Tsuriai, The Nightmare begins.

(picture is of Dark Angel Locke and Pathos)
Locke has been many things in his life. From the Legendary Emerald Knight, to a Chaotic evil Dark Angel bent on world destruction. Locke has a great sense of humor, and usally fun to be with. He is very protective towards the people he loves and destructive towards his enemies. Along time ago Locke was born into the Highwind family. Although he was the reject, he kept the name for along time. Locke joined a group of people known as the Turks and fought for them, his stay was short, because he quit to become a turk hunter. As a turk hunter he meet up with Reno (Reno_of_the_Turks35) This was the 'start' of Locke's life. After beating the livng shit out of this turk he was confronted by Rufus Shinra (Rufus_Shinra__) they fought and Rufus learned that Locke was actually being controled by an evil side of himself. Rufus helped Locke kill the evil inside him, so Locke was forever in his debt. Another thing Rufus did for Locke was introduce him to a young woman named Celes. Locke went on his way and found yet another group to fight with, known as the Final Fantasy Knights, where he took the name Locke_the_Emerald_Knight. A few days after becoming the Emerald Knight. Celes and Locke were married, Celes took the name Celes_the_Diamond_Knight. Locke and Celes had their first kid, Meredith. Not to long after that Locke's long friend Rufus left, on a search to find himself. And ontop of everything, the mystical group known as the Dragoon's started war with the knights. Their were a few battles, untill the dragoons confronted Locke the Emerald Knight. He fought the leader...and was killed. The first death of our friend Locke messed him up very badly. For two reasons....1. his Wife Celes was actually an assassin for Dragoons awaiting to kill Locke. And married one of his enemies, Edgar_ofthe_dragoons, one hour after his death. And 2. the Knights lost the war soon afterwards and was disbanded. Things were not good. Meredith five years after her father's death ran away from home, to get away from Edgar and Celes (Locke- "Good little girl!). It seemed Locke would be dead for a long time untill, A lone figure came walking into the horizen, confronting Rufus Tsuriai (Rufus Shinra). The boy told Rufus that his name was, Jesse Tsuriai, son of Locke and Celes Tsuriai from the future! The current events had changed a few very important things in the future. Jesse resseructed our friend Locke, and got him back with Celes. Soon after Rufus gave Locke the title of brother, and Locke was no longer a Highwind but a Tsuriai. This is the start of Locke's bad luck, because soon after the birth of Jesse and Jack Tsuriai twin brothers, a group of the most evil creatures ever to come to earth appeared. The Dark Angels rose...(The events of the DarkAngel plot line follow. Major events- Celes Tsuriai is kidnaped by DarkAngel Reno, Locke is killed fighting Reno,Future Jesse returns and destroys Reno, and saves father and mother.) Things turned back to normal. For about two years when Jesse and Jack were three. Celes Tsuriai mystirously leaves. Jack disappears on the sameday. Locke and Jesse are left and live together for about 5 more years when Jesse runs away and joins a monstary. Locke is left by himself. Ever sents Reno had killed Locke, he had been thinking evil thoughts lately, and these events turned him into a Dark Angel. Locke slayed many innocent lives. But once agian with the help of his brother and long time friend Rufus Tsuriai, Locke was saved, but forever changed. Locke lived out his life, at the age of thrity he had another child without Celes. 17 years later Locke now lives with his son Jesse Tsuriai. Locke blames himself for the things that has happened to Celes, Jack, and Jesse..and Meredith where ever she is. On the outside Locke might look fairly happy, but on the inside he is the so sad, he can never atone for his sins. Locke Tsuriai has recently died. Locke died of natural causes, and no one plans to bring him back to life.

The man behind Locke