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Screen Name: Jesse_Highwind (Jesse_Tsuriai)
Full Name: Jesse Leon Highwind Tsuriai

Gender: Male
Race: Dark Angel
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130
Body type: Small
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: white
Raiment: Leather jacket. White shirt. Leather pants. Pilot goggles.
Etcetera: Dark Angel wristlet (controls the nagitive energy that comes from carrying Dark Angel and Shadow cells, along with holding the "Choas Sword." Basiclly keeps one from going insane from nagitive energy.) Zephra's charm ( a jewel Jesse's one true love wore, holds mystrious power) Dark Cross (necklace that activates Jesse's Dark Angel Armor, and Chaos Sword.)

Inherited Abilities: Shadow Magic. Lightening Magic. Dark Angel form. Human Form.
Learned Abilities: Dragoon Jump. Change direction in air. Amunity to Piosons.
Useful Skills: Woodcraft. Aerodinamics. Welding/metal work. Astronomical Layout. Stratigic view. Piloting
Trade: Currently Airship Pilot. formly Baron Dragoon General.
Armour: "Dark Angel" armour. *see picture*
Weapons: Dragoon lance. Chaos Sword *see armory section.*
Magical Items: -

Disabilities/Disadvantages: Weak muscle strength. Tragic past. Flashbacks. Low Self-Esteem. Low pain tolerance.
Inherited Weaknesses: Fire magic. Water magic. Holy Magic.
Drawbacks to Abilities: Dark Angel form- Triggers flashbacks. Dark Angel Armour, and Chaos Sword-Causes brief insanity.
Old wounds: Weak left knee.
Family: Tsuriais. Highwinds.
Friends: Elliott Tsuriai (brother) Leon Tsuriai
Financial Affiliations: -
Enemies: -