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Jesse Leon Tsuriai, The Eternal Saddness.

Jesse is a very nice person to be around. Much like his father he has a great sense of humor. Jesse has a girl friend, a son, and a fairly good life. Jesse was born from Celes Tsuriai, along with Jesse, his twin brother Jack was born. Like the birth of Meredith, Locke didn't pose of any help, so his long time friend, and rival, Edgar Figaro (Edgar_kingof_Figaro) Delivared the two kids. From Celes and Locke, Jack took the cells of a Shadow creature, and Jesse took the cells of a Dark Angel (Unknown at the time). On the day of their birth, Jack was already that of a 4 year old child, this was a result of the Shadow cells, and took domination over Jesse. Jack made Jesse cry, and that could very well be the start of their rivalary. Sence Locke and Celes had twins, Celes took Jesse, as her kid, and Locke took Jack as his. Things went pretty good to say the least, untill one day, Celes mysterously disappeared, along with Jack. Celes has only been seen a few times after this, and Jack is still around to this day. Anyways Jesse lived with his father Locke. for about, 7 years. Which was the start of his life, when he ran away from home to start an adventure. But ended up in the care of priests from a monistary. Forced to learn their teachings Jesse became a Paladlin, using two six shooters as his weapons. When Jesse left the monstary he was 14 years old. He traveled the lands of "Ayenne," fighting dark souless creatures, and on occasion a vampire or two. This is how things were for a year. During the time Jesse was 15 he got in a fight with five vampires, and lost, the vampires killing ended up, killing him in a rather unjustly mannor.Once agian Future Jesse thought it fit for him to return, trying to find away to bring himself back. But what he found was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.Future Jesse never really had a life, so He stayed in the past, picking up were Jesse left off. Jesse got to know this woman better, and they started dating. Future Jesse was alot older then our Jesse, 18 as a matter of fact. Jesse lived a happy life from this point on, taking on the job of a dragoon leader, much to his fathers disliking. Jesse still lives with the rest of his family, at his house. Jesse much like his father seems like a really nice and happy person. But on the inside he lives with the guilt of having killed over 100 inoccent people. He has been a darkangel and hates himself for what he is. He also knows he can never atone for his sins.

Jesse's Stats.