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Screen Name: Elliott_Tsuriai
Full Name: Elliott Meredith Tsuriai

Gender: Male
Race: Dark Angel/Human hybred
Height: 5'7
Weight: 135
Body type: Solid
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: white
Raiment: 1. Blue jacket, crimson red wifebeater. Blue jeans. black boots.
Etcetera: Cross earring (left ear)

Inherited Abilities: Dark Angel form. Psionics. Hydrokinetics. Telekinetics.
Learned Abilities: Bio-manipulation
Useful Skills: Piloting.
Trade: Fighter
Armour: -
Weapons: The Emerald Sword. The Alcibiades (spelling?) *see Armory*
Magical Items: -

Disabilities/Disadvantages: Lacking Social skills.
Inherited Weaknesses: Fire magic. Holy Magic.
Drawbacks to Abilities: Bio-manip- Long term concentration. Causes Pain.
Old wounds: Weak rib cage.
Family: Tsuriais
Friends: -
Financial Affiliations: -
Enemies: Evil Dark Angels.