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Elliott Meredith Tsuriai

Elliott's past.
Elliott's stats

In another timeline, Elliot, after a life of fighting and training, came back in time, to the day, DarkAngel Pathos, and DarkAngel Locke came to earth. The battle started, and Leon was easly taken out of the fight, Jesse was soon to follow. Elliott arrived, and killed Locke, in one attack. Then made an attempt to kill Pathos, but before he could die, Pathos repented, and became a Human. After Leon and Jesse were cured from their injuries, Elliott explaned his strange origins. Jesse insisted Elliott stayed in this timeline, and, he did. Elliott had only knew a life of fighting and hardship, but he had never devolped any social skills. Elliott stayed with his family, but would often go out and camp, and during these times, he'd go into high populated areas, to watch people. This is how Elliott devolped his social skills. This is how Elliott devolped his attitude too, having seen alot of bad things, in what he thought would be the perfect world. Elliott stayed in this time, but was never a big deal to anyone. The turning point of Elliott's life is when, Leon was out purging, he was after a Dark angel named, Lance, but instead found Aiya. Leon was about to attack, but Elliott came in and stoped Leon from killing Aiya. After that the two began to talk, and she asked him, why he had saved her, Elliott replied, "You should always stand up for what's right, even if your standing alone." In short, the two fell in love almost instantly. Elliott could never get past his exsistance. Elliott didn't believe he could exsist in a world he was not born in. And dispite the protest from Aiya, Leon, and Jesse....Elliott returned to his future, to destroy the Dark Angels, and set things right. It didn't take long for Elliott two find the two cocky, Dark Angels. Pathos, who had been injured by Elliott before was enraged. Pathos attacked first, but was a futal attempt. Elliott was five times stronger then the two Dark Angels put together, and in one attack killed Pathos. Locke was shocked, and sensed Elliott's new power. Locke planned to run, but was stopped by Elliott's "Absolute Zero" tech, where he completely froze Locke. Pathos and Locke were put aside, but Elliott wasn't finished. There was still an evil in this world, it had been there all the while, and in the other time line. No one had noticed it yet, but the Tsuriai's darkest days were coming along with the, "Neo Dark Angel."