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Elliott Tsuriai...the past.


Elliott was born, 17 years ago from today. It's not sure who Elliott's mother is, for she died at birth, and was put under care of his brother Jesse. Elliott lived a life of hard work and training, with his Nephew, who was more like and brother and friend then anything, Leon Tsuriai. They trained everyday, swordsmanship, Hand to hand fighting, magic, psionics, and height training. Jesse had made them train so hard, because he had for seen, the danger that was ahead. When Leon and Elliott are 15, two Dark Angels would appear, and try and destroy the world. Jesse knew he had no chance of beating them alone, so he forced the two boys to train, and fight. Leon was..always alot better of a fighter then Elliott, and Elliott was left behind. Leon and Jesse would train as Angels, and Elliott would train as a human. After 15 years of nothing but hardship, the two Darkangels came to power. DarkAngel Locke, and DarkAngel Pathos. Good Locke, Leon, and Jesse prepared to go. Elliott came to help, but was refused. Elliott would just get in the way, all three of them thought. In battle, Jesse was disposed of, and Leon was injured. The Dark Angels had won, and they started the rain of terror. Most of the civilazations were destroy, but the world was left intact. Elliott continued to train, now harder then ever. This time Leon trained with Elliott, and they both became alot stronger, and by the time they were 16, it was time to fight agian. Elliott and Leon went up agianst the Dark Angels, and, the samething happened, only this time, Leon was killed in battle. But Elliott was made alot stronger at seeing his friend killed, and injured Pathos, by cutting one of his Wings, in a desperation slash. Elliott returned home, looking for Locke, but he was gone. Elliott, having nothing to do, went out to one of the last human civilazations and decided to protect the people there, untill Locke returned. Elliott lived with these people for 6 months. During this time, he had meet up with a girl, about his age, and almost had a relationship. But the Dark Angels had found Elliott, and Pathos planned the destruction of Elliott, for his injury. Elliott and Pathos battled, and the civilazation was destroyed, but Elliott had fought agianst Pathos and won. Pathos was down, and Elliott was prepared to make the last strike on the Dark Angel, when DA Locke came to his comrands rescue. Elliott fleed, he had no chance of winning now. Elliott returned to what was Jesse's house, and found Locke. And this is where it all happened. Good Locke had down a rift, ontop of the mountain over looking Jesse's house. And with Locke's life force, set the rift for a day before the two Angels attacked earth. Elliott went back in time, and what happened became history. The two DarkAngels were destroyed.