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I am Celes Chere Tsuriai. Rufus has been kind enough to bestow the sister title on me even though his brother Locke is dead to all. Locke was my husband... now I'm alone. Well, alone in that sense. My partner in fighting, who was once Rufus's partner, Brigger has been good enough to let me fight at his side once more. I swear, I will never leave him for my family ever again... families only seem to hurt you in the end, other then brothers. I'm talking husbands and children. I have three kids... Meredith, Jesse, and Jack. Meredith has been missing for a while, Jesse doesn't know me at all and seems to be dying, and Jack... well... if you've seen Jack Tsuriai's page you know his problems already. I fight with a sword and the powers of the shadows that Brigger and Rufus gave me. I have also some nice Ice spells hidden back inside and should work on a way to absorb ice hits, which at this moment I can't do. That's subject to change and will be listed in my profile before here. Any way, what more needs to be said? I once was a Dark Angel after being raped and killed by that evil SOB DarkAngel Reno... I heard he's back as NeoDarkAngel Reno... sucks huh? When I was a DA I was Valius Jarvis' little love toy... before he went good and got me back with Locke. Ahh, my LATE husband. Such a history I had with him. I'll miss the poor guy but he has cause me pain by accident and maybe this is good for me even though I love him dearly. Reminds me, I met Brigger when I was about to kill myself over something he did. I guess it's then, when I became Brigger's partner, that I stopped being a Dragoon. Yes, I was a Dragoon among other things. Now I'm both a Diamond Knight and an Assassin/Mercenary. Maybe my old friend Cloud the Gold Knight can help me out with my love problems? Oh well, we shall see. (taken from the person who plays Celes goto her site!)
Not much is known on Celes' where abouts, Locke sents she has disappeared, has tried more then several times to find his lost love, though each time was in vain. The same resolt with his brother, Rufus.