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The Weapons, nuff said

From Leon's Angelic Sword Of Light to Elliott's long sword, its all here. Each weapon with a star by it (*) is a one of the Holy weapons, with special Artifacts or enchantments, and will be graded, with a number. 1-10 1 being the worst and 10 being the greatest.

The Emerald Sword- * 3(Changes with each Angelic in area, can be stronger then the Holy Angelic Sword of Light) *
The Emerald Sword was developed long ago, when Locke was known as the Emerald Knight. The sword is forgded of the acient material known as Mythril. The hilt is made of Emerald, giving in a greenish type color. Made with the sword was an artifact, it contains mystic Holy Energy that ups x2 with each Angelic in the area (Room).The Emerald Sword is a fairly light broad sword, and can be destroyed. The Sword is now owned by Elliott Tsuriai

The Alcibiades- The Alcibiades is the sword Future Elliott Tsuriai obtained during his years of training. The Alcibiades is forgded of Aegis, which is an extremely strong material, only found in Elliott's future world. The Sword is artifact, it contains the life energy and soul of Future Locke Tsuriai (Good) Future Jesse Tsuriai, and Future Leon Tsuriai. With the life energy it has the power to take a person back in time. The Alcibiades is a long sword, and cannot be destroyed.

The Holy Angelic Sword of Light- *10+ (not charted) The Holy Angelic Sword of Light (HASL) is a sword of legend, long ago, an angel fighting in an acient battle, with demons used this sword to destroy his opponetes, then, he hide the Sword in a cave under the ocean. No one has ever seen, held or used this sword, and it is said, it does not exsist. The blade is always a strong beam of light, that can cut through mostly anything with one cut, and porbably anything with time.

The Angelic Sword of Light- *8* The Angelic Sword of Light is a the sword of the High COuncil of God's angels. Only 4 of these swords were ever made, 3 of them are currently in heaven with their propure owner. The 4th Sword of Light was given to a Young, Female Holy Angel, to help defeat Jesse DarkAngel. She was killed, and the sword was given to Leon Tsuriai. Though Leon is not the propure owner of the sword, he claims to be in the High Council of God's Holy Angels (Not true) The Angelic Sword of Light is actually two swords
The Angelic Sword- is the Sword in his metalic form, the handle and blade, the blade is forgded of several different materials, which are Minerva, Crystal, Rune, diamond, Patinum, Carbon, and Mithril. With all these the sword is extremely heavy, but is enchanted to lower the weight for propure use. It cannot be destroyed.
The Angelic Sword of Light- This is the beam sword, the beam only reacts to Angelics. Not as strong as the Holy Angelic Sword of Light, but can still cut through most metals. With this sword you can also channell Holy energy and magic through. Like stated before, this sword is currently in the hands of Leon Tsuriai.

The Chaos Sword- *7* The Chaos sword, on a rating from 1-10 ia 7 in Shadow energy. It is the sword of all Dark Angels. There are only 4 Chaos swords made, much like the Sword of Light. Jesse Highwind had one, but gave it to Macil Blackbane, to help him fight a bad guy. His Chaos Sword was never seen agian, so Leon, who had obtained Pathos' Chaos sword, gave it to Jesse. The origans of the other two swords are unknown. The Chaos sword only has a beam form, no blade, and you can also channell Shadow energy or magic through it.

That's all I can think of right now, but there might be more weapons to add later.