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Strength: This attack is the strongest attack ever preformed by any Tsuriai ever, and only Leon Tsuriai is able to use it. Being the strongest attack is has many disattvanges, Leon has never actually preformed this attack correctly, the first time Leon launched Angel of Hell fire or Tenshi Jigoku Ka it laid waste to the island Locke and him lived on. This attack takes extreme concentration to use. Words: "Thee who gives life, thee who takes life, By all the power thou posses, grant the heaven's wrath to my unworthy hand, buried in the flowing streams of time, is where thee power grows, Warrios of Eden, warriors of hell, walk with me on this path of disruction, LET THE FOOLS THAT OPPOSE ME BE DESTROYED, BY THE POWER THAT I POSSES....TENSHI JIGOKU KA!!!" The energy used to preform this attack, is mostly holy energy gathered from all Holy Angels, all of heaven, and all around the earth. The Energy is gathered much like the spirit bomb (Dragon Ball Z/GT) though Leon uses most of his own power. The goal of this attack is to totally destroy the enemy only, but it Leon makes one mistake, the Holy Energy can turn into Dark energy, and not only destroying the enemy, but everything around. After this attack is preformed, Leon is done, his energy has left him, and he won't be able to switch to Holy Angel form for atleast 2 months, this attack is an extreme and only used if all is lost.